Clinton to visit Japan for Afghan conference


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Glad to hear her comments about the gains women have made in Afghanistan, and I hope they stay that way when the US leaves and Taliban move back in. Karzai already a couple of years ago okayed a law that a man can rape his wife if she won't submit to sex at least once a week. It was withdrawn after Western pressure, but he keenly accepted it and I believe that once the US and other forces are gone he'll be pro-Taliban.

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Agreed, smith. I have never trusted Karzai. He will turn himself back with Taliban. I would like to know what kind of contribution she is asking Japan to consider after all foreign troops leaving Afganistan.

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rather than be concerned about Afghanistan, Clinton should put all of her concentration on America and how its falling apart faster she can mover her loose lips. She is a total joke if you ask me. What a waste of time and a waste of tax payers money on a conference that will not do anything to improve the live of both the people in Afghanistan, and in the U.S.A.

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Japan has mentality to show their Richness to the world,

Japan can feed Afghan people for decades in exchange for Marijuana.

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