Clinton: U.S.-Japan relationship remains a cornerstone alliance


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She said the U.S. is committed to reversing a nearly 50% decline in Japanese studying in America .............................A fool's errand!! Students were smart, sure they dont want to end up a short lived and disgraced career like the PM of Japan!!

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Beats studying Chinese for sure.

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I'm confused by your comment just-a-guy, and more confused by the person who liked your comment. How is studying Japanese going to lead to a short-lived and disgraced career, and how does the Prime Minister factor into this? I think one can question the utility, especially in America where Spanish and Mandarin Chinese should come first, but learning more languages is never a bad thing right?

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USA don't help in an way besides taxing me, James Howard, USA , hope Japan is Happy With Bill and H. Clinton.

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@"James Howard" - its very easy to tell you are not from USA hahaha. Speak for your country not mine :)

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She said the U.S. is committed to reversing a nearly 50% decline in Japanese studying in America over the past 14 years.

Am I the only one who interpreted this sentence like "She said the U.S. is committed to reversing a nearly 50% decline in Japanese people studying in America over the past 14 years"? I mean to say that I thought that what the article is saying here is that there's been a decline of japanese people who study in Usa, not a decline of the americans that study japanese language...but English is not my mother language, so I could be wrong. :/

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We who live, work and marry in Okinawa are not interested in what happens in Japan. We are interested in what happens to the Ryukyuan people's future - which is more autonomy and even indepence (Statehood).

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I just find out that my interpretation of the article was right. :) http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20111009b2.html

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Well guess that is nice that H Clinton considers Japan an important ally. As for language Japanese is not my first language as well and it is also not English. When I started school, my teacher said my writing looked like chicken tracks. Back on subject America is important to Japan and not only defense. General MacArthur was the American who set the standard for relations at the end of the war. He was Japans last Shogun and one of the architects of modern Japan.

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