Confusion in Japan, Australia over submarine tender pledge


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The best advice to any parties in Japan interested in making subs for Australia is to become quite familiar with chaos theory if dealing with the incumbent Australian government, and to understand fully the principle that the strength of assurances from the Australian Prime Minister is proportional to the probability of insincerity.

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well said. Abbott is in self-preservation mode. expect a populist knee-jerk course of action. Australia has cut industry back so far as to make a domestic sub a really dubious choice.

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A Japanese government source involved in the submarine talks said Japan “doesn’t know what Abbott meant”.

I believe that this is a state of being that all Australians can understand quite well.

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Australia do not have the capabilities to make a submarine worthy to compete with/against the world. I'm Australian and I can admit that. Tony Abbott has made the most sensible approach to this issue. Bill Shorten wants to rial the unionists on this issue and bring up WW2 history in opposition to this view. That shows you the potential damage Australia faces if Shorten becomes PM of Australia. This is one of many examples.

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PM Tony Abbott knew if Submarines were built in Australia and then the costs will be double and need to fix problems until the Sub was decommissioned from service. Currently Australian Government has huge debt left by previous Labor Government and short of money. Australian Company doesn't have technology for to build modern Submarine. Labor and Union are blindly shouting Australian Government own ASC Ltd has technology to build Sub and also cost is competitive with International Sub builders. Honestly, all Australians knew about what capability ASC Ltd has. Former Defense Minister said he doesn't trust ASC Ltd to build Canoe. He was right but left wing Medias, Labor and Union have won and he was out of job. Labor MPs and Independent senator Nick Xenophon said Japanese Submarine Soryu class's quality does not meet Australian standard and requirement. Their view and knowledge are questionable because Australian Navy wants Japanese Sub and technology. Okay, let build Sub in Australia by ASC Ltd. Who will take responsible and take the blame when costs were blow out and ASC Ltd itself couldn't sort out problems in Sub? They do not learn lesson from Collin Class Sub. Actually, ASC Ltd was wanted to build Sub with Japanese technology. My ears are itchy when Labor MPs and Union said Australian Company has world class technology to build Submarine in Australia.

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It comes down to what the objective is. If it is to spend lots of money employing Aussie workers as with the preceeding Oberon and Collins classes, then build them in Australia again. But China is becoming more threatening! Maybe the objective this time really is to save money and obtain a larger number of submarines that will really work...

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