U.S. eager to form trade deal with Japan at some point: USTR


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TPP is not good for the U. S, as all hidden trade barriers would remain in place. These trade barriers are more detrimental to free trade than the tariffs themselves.

Bilateral, one on one trade agreement is the only way to go for the U. S. to achieve truly free trade and this Japan does not want.

Japan has bilateral free trade agreements with other countries, so why not the U.S.? What is Japan afraid of ?

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What is Japan afraid of ?

They're not afraid. Whatever gave you that silly idea?

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"It was not particularly a pro-U.S. arrangement, in our view. Some parts were okay, but a lot of the parts were not," Ross said.

Why should it be a pro U.S arrangement when its a deal between 11, or 12 countries with U.S participation. Do you expect other countries to sacrifice themselves at the alter of pleasing U.S business? Stick to the words "fair and reciprocal" and the U.S will be perceived in a far better light than using this other language.

Wish them success with bilateral negotiations but its going to take many years, when you could have been part of a club of nations, stretching South America to Asia, without China as part of it. Think about that....

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It is funny, United States has trade deficits with almost all countries around the world but all presidents Democrat or Republican blame Japan for all your problems for all your problems, they need a scapegoat.

Since the the Soviet Union is over Japan became the target number of the United States. This will never end !

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you could have been part of a club of nations, stretching South America to Asia, without China as part of it. Think about that...

What would be so good about this new club, especially without the US economy in it?

TPP or CPTPP is too slow to introduce free trade (maybe that’s what the new P stands for). Bilateral deals could conceivably achieve free trade much faster.

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