Criticism of Japan's coal policy raising climate awareness at home: Koizumi


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What a particularly painful dinner that must have been.

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Only took a "younger" guy to make the observation that everyone has been ignoring for decades!

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Oh please please give us a break with this "coal policy" nonsense. What exactly is Japan supposed to to, when nuclear power is also a no-no? And please spare us phantasy talk about windmills and solar panels.

This virtue signalling is really getting nauseating.

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The “sexy” comment was also totally blown out of proportion, as it was obvious, if you saw the video, that he was just being funny.

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Awareness ? That should be his role.

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There are a lot of things that this article leaves out. While Japan received criticism for its coal. What they left out is that Japan isn't building it's new or innovated coal plants in South East Asia. They are building very old and highly polluting coal plants. That is what received the biggest criticism. People have applauded Japan for greatly reducing its coal footprint because of it's new coal plants over the past 10 years. However, what they are building in South East Asia is much different.

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Germany is planning to go completely non-nuclear. Same coal, same problems.

Newer nuclear power is rumored to be safer and cleaner. Japan should be in on that, but they have their own way...

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Nice propaganda piece for the future p.m, j “democracy” at work. The puppet boy surly will be p.m one day soon.

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talks had helped raise his countrymen's awareness of fossil fuels and climate change.

You have got to wonder how these people up until now could possibly have been unaware of these issues.

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I looked up the statistics. The US generates more than four times as much electricity by burning coal as does Japan. Not obvious to me why Japan should be getting so much flack and the US so little.

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just buy some carbon offset credits...then you'll be labelled environmental warrior.

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I looked up the statistics. The US generates more than four times as much electricity by burning coal as does Japan. Not obvious to me why Japan should be getting so much flack and the US so little.

Its all about the future direction of each country. The US is rapidly shutting down its coal plants, more than 500 have been shut down since 2010, and not building any new ones to replace them. So despite the efforts of the Trump administration to the contrary, the US is still basically heading in the same direction as every other G7 country. Japan on the other hand is the only one going in the opposite direction.

Also, the US does get a lot of flack for its coal use, just not in this particular article which is about Japan.

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I have to admit that Kozumi.Jr is at least trying to improve and make more logical talks compared to his “sexy thing”

Maybe there is room for improvement for him,still a true democracy doesn’t past the guidance of a country through families but giving to all of it’s citizens the same opportunity to reach the high positions of the government.

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Criticism of Japan's coal policy raising climate awareness at home: Koizumi

Japanese people are fully aware of climate change issues and coal.

Japan has tried to pull a fast one, by using other Asian nations to get cheap coal (under the pretence of "helping develop") while taking credit for closing it's own coal mines.

This little beauracrat should not try to insult peoples intelligence.

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Yeah, when he got the badge he said he was proud Japan was given the credit (not realizing the irony of the prize). Also when all the ministers were saing they are not happy with the results of the meeting he apealed that it was very success event!

Just beyond stupid and Japanese media is under-reporting his gaffes...

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The UN has no sovereignty.

It is a rabble rousing organization designed to steal from Peter

to pay Paul.

Koizumi should speak less, and "watch with interest" more.

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The UN has no sovereignty.

Japan felt the same way about the League of Nations in the 1920's.

Mind you, interesting that Japan is constantly quoting UN resolutions when it comes to what Japan wants.

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Quite correctly. Windmills and Solar panel is a very expensive source for electric energy. It demand much more raw material. Senseable is nuclear the most suitable source for electric energy and electric effect.

The radioactivity in Fukushima corresponds to a group of six persons. Each one have an internal radioactive level of 20 mSv.

The risk for lungcancer do increase with just one single percent compared with smoking 1 500 percent. Even passive smoking do increase the risk for lung cancer.

Coal burning beside of the clima effect do result in healthy problem for everyone in the surrounding and will also kill a lot of people.

In just one single year for a lot of years ago 166 people were killed in accidents in connection with the windmill industry. This means a lot more than what the nuclear power plant have killed totally.

200 persons do also live within restricted area in Chernobyl. A man there is now in an age of 90 years and is very healthy. The animals as well as flowers etc have returned to Chernobyl.

The radioactive value there is 800 mSv or four times the natural background radioactivity in crowded areas in India.

Summary with all problem with every source of electricity my suggestion is that nuclear is the most effective source with relatively low risk in combination with accidents. The Facit show that the problem out of nuclear accidents haven´t become such a result than estimated. The hight of the walls were proposed to be eleven metre. Such height had resulted in no accident at all with nuclear power.

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Coal is one of the dirtiest fuels that it is possible to use. Japan imports most of the coal that it uses. Natural gas is much cleaner than coal, is plentiful, and the price is competitive. Japan should convert its coal plants to natural gas, until such time as the power plants can be converted to something even cleaner. Natural gas is not a long term solution, but its use is preferable to coal.

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today there are few ideas that may still be unknown to prominent japanese scholars. but they still have not begun to carry nuclear reactors underground, where this poses no threat. there is a pattern in business: “a problem recedes when its influence loses effectiveness”

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