Damages trial over ex-finance bureaucrat's suicide opens


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As usual the LDP are bulletproof even though they freely admit to illegally altering documents to deceive the public.

I hope Sagawa's wife at least gets some sort justice for the loss of her husband for being forced to carry out the governments shameless corrupt schemes.

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I hope she gets the whole lot, but as usual the courts will find some way to squirm out of making a decision that they don't explain. It's just blatantly obvious even to a 5yo but a judge will have difficulty understanding. Makes me sick.

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Akagi is victim by corrupt ”Abe-First” regime.

He who had hoped to work for nation people were forced injustice behavior and he was cornered to suicide by other bureaucrats who work for prime minister.

Those ”pro-Abe” bureaucrats have promoted.

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Damages? A whole bunch of people should be put in jail and as government people who obviously care more about their own greed than the well-being of Japan, they should be stripped of their citizenship too. A whole bunch of rotten people killed a good man whom it seems had more patriotism in his little finger than they have in their whole greedy bodies.

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As much as I abhor the current LDP party, you can’t really say that they killed him.

He could’ve refused the request / order, he could’ve resigned his position, he could’ve become a whistleblower.

He did have other choices besides hara-kiri

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Why does the Abe government seem intent on blocking the reopening of the investigation into the Moritomo Gakuen land sale scandal when new evidence has shown up galore that it must be reopened.

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