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Defense minister apologizes for reference to SDF in campaigning


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Both Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Defense Minister Tomomi Inada political futures could well be inextricably intertwined.

The logic behind Tomomi Inada controversial appointment cannot be matched for inappropriate political misjudgement.

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I can't believe this silly lady is a lawyer. She might have become a politician since nobody wanted to become her client. If such a person can become a minister, I can become a minister too.

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We don't care, leave, quit, go away. You are sorry you were caught, you are a lawyer, you knew EXACTLY what you were doing.

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She might have become a politician since nobody wanted to become her client.

Well, one of her former clients was the owner of that fascist kindergarten.

She's only there because she believes in the same ideology as Botchan, and is there to fill up the Womenomics quota. I'm all for woman being represented in politics, but you can't just pick any old person just because she's a woman. Women like her are one of the reasons why they're not getting anywhere with their own foolish sexist remarks:


Inada falls flat at Asia security summit with ‘sexist’ remark

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A hearty stomach laugh, its inducing a vomit reflex that just jusst won't go away. She can't remember appearing in court for a Nippon Kaigi Local President, photographs of her at a neo Nazi party, using her position to push the, and this is confusing...a LDP or Nippon Party policy but will not step down as she is right well right everyone else is wrong. A lawyer who understands nothing about the law. Who choose her? Who supports her?

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The totalitarian cat is out of the bag. A mere apology does not cut it. Resign, Inada.

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Inada intends to stay on her role. Do Japanese people intend that? Japan isn't your personal asset, 100% not.

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She can't quit now, and Abe can't fire her now either.

Abe needs a fall "guy" if the LDP looses too bad in the Tokyo election, and Inada is the perfect head to chop.

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A mere apology does not cut it. Resign, Inada.

She will not resign because her position in the administration has more value for her than the image of the country and/or the citizen she is supposed to serve.

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This is what happens when Japan didn't face proper consequences for WW2 like how Germany did....

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Neither Japan nor Germany faced any impairing consequences, as in imposed sanctions or restrictions that would ultimately keep the countries second rate. On the contrary, they have risen quite quickly and very highly, above most other countries that were in better shape after World War 2. Your sentence makes no sense to me, since connecting modern time political refuses with post-war pride of the nation is, if not irrelevant, insultive at the very least.

After all, the current mischievous political climate in Japan is a result of the national lack of interest in the politics. The average Japanese person, whom theoretically politicians in question present, can gains awareness and see their boat swaying towards chaos, fuelled with war-time diplomacy of fear, he might get angry and demand that the legal institutions start thorough checks on the corrupt, dishonest politicians who share the pretence that nation is their toy and the world is they playground. Until that happens, those morally questionable people will keep on leading boat "Japan" towards the vortex. Basically the same what happened in Russian Empire 1917 (prime example of "national initiative"), but now that people wake up believing into legal system and social responsibility, it does not have to go that far.

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Ah yes the old If I apologize and pretend I am really sorry everything will be forgiven and it will all go away routine!

poLIEticians are so funny!

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"I take back my mention of the Defense Ministry, SDF and defense minister and offer my apologies," she said at a press conference, reiterating her intention of staying on in the role amid opposition calls for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to dismiss her.

She should be thrown out of ANY public office. She's a menace to society.

Ah yes the old If I apologize and pretend I am really sorry everything will be forgiven and it will all go away routine!

Which NEVER applies to us foreigners.

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