Delegation sent by next S Korean leader in Japan for policy talks


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Good news for South Korea, Japan and the United States,

Bad news for North Korea and China. Russia too but they're a little busy.

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Abe hangs out at Yasakuni and Kishida sends presents. I think it is a waste of first class flights and five star hotel. Also SK has high Covid-19 rates so I hope they quarantine for 10 days.

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What is Korea going to demand of us after coming to Japan without having done any of our homework?

Also, Korea has so far recorded as criminals all Koreans who became Japanese and devoted their lives for the Korean peninsula during the Japanese colonial period, and has been remembering their false history to this day. Korea and Koreans should start by reflecting on this and correcting their false history.

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To be a little more specific, Korea has identified almost all individuals who were active during the Japanese colonial period as ethnic traitors and has eliminated them from its history.

Those who established universities and cram schools on the Korean peninsula at their own expense or with aid from the Japanese, and those who established financial and other support programs to make it easier for Koreans to study in Japan have been erased from history as ethnic traitors.

In this way, Korea teaches a history that excludes any element of Japanese tolerance toward Koreans. And they cry that Koreans were the victims of the time.

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