Democratic Party to campaign against Abe's Constitution change plan


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Still wouldn't make me vote for them

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Heaven help Japan if its next PM is from the Komeito Party.

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he first-ever issue Japan must deal with is what to do about the U.S. military presence, a seamless carry-over from the Occupation days. It's tragic the pro-revision camp doesn't realize the occupation is still continuing even to this day albeit in a disguised form. Okinawa embodies this state of affairs most conspicuously. In other words, law makers must discuss, above anything else, how to make the nation a genuine sovereignty and free it from being a subservient U.S. vassal.

Unless this state of affairs is addressed vigorously, Japan will remain a U.S. vassal forever with Okinawa being offered as a permanent U.S. military colony.

They must realize that it is the U.S. that is eagerly waiting for Article 9 of the constitution to be scrapped so that the JSDF can fight global wars along with U.S. forces. in other words, this suzerain-colony relationship between the two countries will further strengthened with the revision of the constitution. The revision of the constitution is thus like summer bugs plunging into fire of their own choice. A fool only hunts for misfortune.

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Abe has been trying to change the constitution since he first took office 6 years ago. Only now are the apathetic DPJ mounting a campaign? Is there any wonder the ruling party in Japan has only changed three or four times in the last 70 years?

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Fully agree with Disillusioned. Given public opinion, how is this only just becoming a thing for the DPJ.

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Abe's constitution change idea is not Article 9 recently. He expressed changing Article 16 and will make draft by August next year. After he mentioned this, poll rate suddenly went up. Japan has PAC3 and ASHORE PAC3. Abe and LDP will not try to change Article 9 for a while.

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When (not if. As it's inevitable the old guard elder Japanese will come out in droves and the younger generation doesn't care) Japan predictably votes for the LDP, only established political party with "experience to lead" (Abe's words) they will be exclaiming to the world, "ah, f##k it, I'm gonna die soon anyways."

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