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Diet debate on inflation-fighting FY2023 extra budget begins


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Man,that photo gives us hope for the future.

At least they weren't sleeping like in Aso's case.

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A picture of some old-timers enjoying a game of bingo.

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Mr Bean,The Joker and Mr Magoo asleep at the helm.

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Politician and bureaucrat no need to worry is not their money, its money from Taro that working hard every day while being taxed here and there.

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The government says it is committed to restoring Japan's fiscal health, …, by reducing spending

When did the government ever say that?

Annual spending used to be about 100 trillion yen a year, now it’s over 120, so their actions are to increase spending, not reduce it.

And that is the darn problem with Japan. A massive government that keeps making itself bigger.

Argentina going in the right direction now; Japan not.

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This proposed tax cut will literally be a wage cut .!. Employers are already figuring out how to reduce wages while making sure net pay goes up marginally.

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He's not sleeping he is snoozing LOL!!!

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If that's Japan's A Team, Japan is in trouble.

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The government says it is committed to restoring Japan's fiscal health, the worst among major developed nations,

Yes! And you can tell the level of commitment the LDP has by the 2 men in the picture's attentiveness and concern.

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