Diet enacts two key bills on renewable energy, bond issuance


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tideofiron, While I have not read the actual bill passed, I have read previous articles that suggested that the laws Kan was pushing for would do two things, 1) separate power distrubution and power generation, and 2) Fix the cost that the power companies would have to pay for energy from renewable source. I may be missing some of the details, but I think the intent was to force the electric companies to buy power from renewable sources from third parties, and to ensure this would be a desirable business to enter, they fix the per watt price that will be paid to these third parties. Therefore, if you are a company that wants to build a massive solar plant, you have guarentees that you have a buyer and you have a guarenteen price for x-years.

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It is a similar concept to a German legislation that is in force for ten years or so. By means of that law, the renewable energy sector is growing with amazing speed, creating lots of jobs and already produces more than 20% of the country's energy. Japan can accomplish that as well thanks to this law.

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If the tariff is structured such that small energy suppliers (read: homes) receive more per energy unit they feed in than that which they take out, then Japan will be well on her way to a brighter future.

The concept of a large central power supply is old. Each home and business which generates some if not all of its energy needs makes a lot more sense. Here in the US, central energy suppliers have tremendous political power and resist this concept. But Japan, in the wake of this crisis, has a great opportunity to change the paradigm. Prime Minister Kan has led the way. I only hope that the leadership and the people will continue to steer the correct course.

As to technology, Japan has solar-thermal, geo-thermal, wind, and photo-voltaic as great options. All of these are accessible now. The technology is solid. All that is needed is a boost to make it affordable for individual homes and businesses.

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Naoto Kan,you achieved legistlation for renewable energy, that is quite an accomplishment. Pity you are resigning

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