Donors pledge $16 bil for Afghan aid at Tokyo meet


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A classic example of throwing good money after bad. A 4 billion hand out each year will ensure that corruption continues unimpeded. This 4 billion is of course on top of the 6 billion that is spent by the west on "security". Afghanistan is a bottomless pit soaking up other nations money and will continue to do so until the world collectively says enough! Once the west leaves Afghanistan will revert to the backward, religious led country that it always was and always will be. So leave them to it.

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And if you need more proof of why not to throw billions more to Afghanistan, go here:


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Japan would provide up to $3 billion over five years, in addition to $1 billion for Afghanistan's neighbors.


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I was always taught "Charity begins at home"

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"Show me the money," and I will be your friend today. Japan must not give money to Afghanistan. It is just another waste of time and money. Rebuild Japan, then collect the taxes.

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Everybody Hands Up!!

Nobody move!

Put the money in the bag!

Keep your hands in sight!

OK we got what we wanted. 4 billions bucks and no one injured. Thank you for your cooperation!

See you in Cayman Islands, fools!

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It is time for Countries in the World to keep THEIR Noses out of other Countries affairs.... Maybe if that was done we could peace in this hay wire world...

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Not just a waste of money but, is Japan in any situation to be helping other countries right now?? When Japan got kicked in the head by earthquakes and tsunamis and with the help of the useless bumbling fools at Tokyo Electric, ruined Fukushima for the next couple of tens of thousands of years. What does Japan want from Afghanistan?? Some UN vote??

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Spot on SimonB And or in other words "Since you dont buy our opim -give us 4B or we blow up the US. "

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So I guess that Japan won't be broke this fall if they're able to waste money on Afghanistan? Take to the streets Japan, take to the streets.

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Zichi, good point. I hope he gets nothing.

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After all the trouble Afghanistan caused, what with bringing down the twin towers and all the world wide terrorism, they want handouts already?

The ingrates!

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It wasn't Afghanistan that brought the twin towers down.

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A terrible waste of money! Afghanistan remains in the stone age and the only thing we should give them is a promise not to bomb them further into oblivion if they behave!

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Karzai is a conman, look at his eyes, they are a dead giveaway. This is a total waste of money, so naive of Japan.

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Japan would provide up to $3 billion over five years, in addition to $1 billion for Afghanistan's neighbors.

And don't forget that Japan could run out of money according to the Noda administration.

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Running out of money in our own country, heavy in debt. But never mind lets throw $3 billion away to Afghanistan!

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Why anyone gives a *&$% about a country like Afghanistan is beyond me.

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Afghanistan is corrupt and Karzai would do the world a better turn by getting a job modeling men's clothes somewhere.

That said, the mess in Afghanistan is not altogether Afghanistan's fault. Primary blame should be laid on the invaders: first the Soviet Union and then the US and NATO. The Bush invasion was done on the pretext of nailing Bin Laden. Before the invasion we knew where he was and after the invasion we didn't know until Obama nailed him. In between those times the more or less stable mess of Afghanistan was turned a hugh unstable mess. That unstable mess has now infected the rest of the world.

There is no happy solution for Afghanistan. Pull out and Afghanistan will soon be overrun by the Taliban and turned into a human rights nightmare. Continue by propping up a puppet government with unlimited cash and eventually the Taliban will take over and turn the country into a human rights nightmare.

While there is no happy solution there is a moral to this tragedy. Let the people of the country solve their own problems. This is what Afghan dissidents told the US before Bush launched the invasion.

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What was the reason for the Third Afghanistan War? It was to do away with Bin Laden. What was the reason for the second Afghanistan War? When the Soviet's left Afghanistan there came a pull out of NATO support and so began a ten year struggle for power. What was the reason for the First War in Afghanistan. Washington supported the Mujaheddin and the Taliban in the "Freedom'" fighters struggle against the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union and their puppet regime in Afghanistan government, in which we supported the Shah of Afghanistan; like that of the Shah of Iran. In all of this time Afghanistan has not known peace and stability. The land has been ruled by tribal chiefs, Drug lords and ripe with corruption. Is Afghanistan better off in the hands of a corrupt instead of the Soviet's? We supported the Taliban in the struggle against the Soviets, not we are at war with the same people we used to call Freedom Fighters. Our friends are our enemies and our enemies our friends. What a twist of fate.

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waste of money, Japan could build 3 tidal power plants with that much money. This "aid" is nothing than paying off the "cream" of a corrupt nation.

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Hillary can forget about seeing any improvements in women's basic rights in Afghanistan (at least in her lifetime). An Afghan woman was just executed in public for adultery. Shot dead! If that money goes through, donors had better keep an eye on it and track where it goes.

Karzai is making too many concessions when dealing with the Taliban. There should be NO concessions. I'd be very wary of this guy.

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