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DPJ apologizes for calling Japanese Communist Party 'termite'


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All is forgiven.

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“It’s like a termite and if you cooperate with them your foundation will collapse.”

If you look at your recent performance in elections, it's hard to see you collapsing any further.

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Why on earth translate "Shiroari" into a singular termite?

The Japanese in the original implies plural, so it would have been better to say the Communist Party are like termites, or they are a nest of termites.

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This guy has been a member of 4 different parties in his career so far. And his previous standing as leader of DPJ quickly collapsed. Does he have any foundations?

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well, communism has a reputation! look at russia. do you want to repeat russia's history, destroy all non-communists and then change from communism into a mafia-state? can't blame people that reject communism with strong words.

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Maehara’s party,

DPJ is hardly his party. Maehara has been openly talking that he is leaving DPJ by the end of this year.

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Finally, someone that had the balls to tell the truth. Too bad in Japan one always has to apologize for that...

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Termites form collectives that are socially cohesive and highly productive. Surely, political parties could learn a thing or two from these creatures.

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So shiroari means white ants?

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That's funny. All the political parties and politicians have contributed to, as they say in Australia, the "white-anting" of democracy completely leaving just the insubstantial appearance, like termites do to a beam or column in a house.

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I'd like to see a real insult for one in Japan - calling someone an ant doesn't really warrant an apology. Xxx

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Finally, someone that had the balls to tell the truth. Too bad in Japan one always has to apologize for that...

The truth, eh? So, when has any other political party in Japan ever co-operated with the communists and collapsed as a result? Can you actually give us any examples?

Or is more likely that Maehara just had an attack of brain in mouth syndrome and said the first moronic thing that occurred to him? He's a pathetic joke. It hardly makes a difference what he says.

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It is the Liberal Democratic Party that is the termite. Just take a look at what happened to the Socialist Party in the late 90`s when they entered into a coalition with the LDP and look at what has happened to Komeito since they entered into a coalition with the LDP.

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It kinda makes one wonder about kind of people who go into politics as opposed ,say , with people who go into making movies or writing novels or doing science research or becoming college professors. What makes pols tick?

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If it looks like a duck...

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"That's the problem ...... because real communism, the way Karl Marx defined it, wouldn't be that bad at all."

Ha! Talk about a ridiculous statement!

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The clowns running the DPJ are doing a pretty good job of collapsing the party without any help from others. At least the communists managed to field candidates in nearly all the seats at the last election. The DPJ couldn't even do that. A pathetic performance.

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It would be interesting to see a communist coalition. While true that communist governments around the world have mostly disintegrated, maybe a Japanese party in coalition could bring some openness and a different approach to government. Of course it would feed the American paranoia about communists, but they'd get over it - maybe!

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@klausdorth, you can find the answer in "The Road To Serfdom" by F. A. HAYEK.

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Honest, caring and realistic. That was my impression of the local Communist Party representative I met in our constituency five years ago. They need to remain independent from any of the other parties so that they can point out things they think are wrong like corruption, waste of finances, discrimination etc. We were forced to move out of our home so the local council could build a road (that goes nowhere) and he was the only politician who responded to our request for help.

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