DPJ discuss reinstating Ozawa's membership


Senior members of the executive board of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan on Monday left the decision on reinstating the membership of former Secretary-General Ichiro Ozawa to DPJ Secretary General Azuma Koshiishi.

Ozawa, 69, was acquitted on April 26 of any wrongdoing in a political funding scandal. His membership was suspended in February 2011 after he was indicted for allegedly conspiring with aides to hide 400 million yen he lent to his political funding body in 2004 for a land deal.

Koshiishi told a news conference that the executive board had differing opinions on whether disciplinary measures should be lifted, Fuji TV reported. He said that some members felt any decision should wait until May 10, which is the deadline for prosecutors to appeal the acquittal decision. Diet Policy Affairs chief Seiji Maehara said it would be premature to reinstate Ozawa's membership if an appeal is lodged.

But Koshiishi said he favors reinstating Ozawa's membership since he has been acquitted and added that he will start procedures to do so later Tuesday.

Ozawa controls the largest DPJ faction with about 120 members.

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They have no feasible choice but to reinstate him, lest he breaks up the Party handing over power to the cretinous LDP

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Come on! They 'discuss' this EVERY DAY! We already KNOW, sadly, that he will be reinstated, and we already know he will go against Noda and win. Part of being a politician in this nation is being a criminal (whether convicted or not). I would be very pleased to see the DPJ stick to their guns on this shady politician, but this is JAPAN! They will kow-tow to him despite the four or so other parties he's made (or promised to) and let him back in, and those that opposed him will start getting ready to jump ship back to the LDP, or at the very least have their dogesa ready. Politics here is the most vapid in the world, and it's baffling to watch a 'democracy' unable to get rid of these corrupt and inept old codgers (or if not 'unable' at least too stuck in the 'shouganai' attitude to even try).

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Senior party party members have found their scapegoat and put him out to dry. The Sgadow Shogun has spoken, and so it shall be done. Why doesn't he just become Prime Minister?

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There's little choice but to re-instate Ozawa, as the prosecutors made themselves look like total morons. Well, let him challenge Noda and become Prime Minister. Six months of being able to achieve absolutely nothing because of the deadlocked Diet should be enough to finish him off.

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DPJ discuss reinstating Ozawa's membership

Get the sense of urgency in this (sarcasm).

Aren't there any more pressing items on the agenda?

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Love to see the infight swithin the DPJ, that was really constructive for the 'peace and prosperity of asia'! Once if Mr Ozawa back to stage, it is Mr Maehara's turn to be outsed! You know Mr Ozawa dont like the party and the nation getting too close with uncle sam!

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