DPJ lags badly in poll as election nears


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Not happy at all with the DPJ, but if Abe becomes the new PM... I don't dare imagine what will happen

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Zetsu: I would imagine if Abe becomes president the right-wingers will pump their fists with joy, demanding a 'tough stance' on China (ie. war). Abe will promise them as much, then immediately contact Chinese officials on his second day and seek to reduce tensions, dropping all the tough guy talk except for the J-media. Then when the right-wingers get angry and realize Abe is as much an idiot as ever they'll send 'bullet like objects' to his office, after which he'll cite 'intestinal difficulties' and quit again after about 7 months in office. Then it will be yet another election and whichever LDP member has been playing musical chairs the longest will have his turn.

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What short memories people have. When Abe was in charge he was less popular than Noda is now, yet more people plan to vote for Abe and his bunch of unreformed scoundrels.

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Scrote: "What short memories people have.""

No kidding. Mention anything besides today's fad and you get a blank look as a response.

"When Abe was in charge he was less popular than Noda is now, yet more people plan to vote for Abe and his bunch of unreformed scoundrels."

Well, to be fair, it's not like they can vote for him directly. People WILL in many cases, though, vote for the local LDP representative, even if they hate his/her guts, in order to put Abe in power. There's also the problem of a lack of representation in many rural areas, as I've said before; anyone who wants to vote for the Communist Party, Happiness Realization Party, New Komeito, or any other partythat is not the LDP of DPJ must vote for one of the latter two because they are coalition, so Abe will get heaps more votes there as well (especially since coalition partners with the DPJ are jumping or have already jumped ship).

He'll get the vote, though, either way, and what a sad day for a sad nation that will be. NOWHERE in Japan could a guy that quit a year into his term and with some of the lowest popularity polls on record (not to mention a liar) be raised up into the position of leader again.

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35% of those polled would vote for the LDP

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.....

(Surely, that's the only explanation? No one in their right mind wants Abe and the LDP Special Interests back. Do they?)

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Hopefully The Nikkei business daily interviewed a bunch of out-of-touch idiots. 35 percent sounds closer to the number of people who are against the corrupt LDP's return to power.

Of the overall percentage figures, wonder what the remaining 39 percent voted for ... ??

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The "You" Party?

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Interesting, the majority don't want Abe nor another round of the DPJ and Noda.

Hmmmm, Then, who else can do the job? I think Noda is doing a great job. He keeps cool outside, but he is actually a steal minded guy against China. Very diplomatic and I like that.

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They're dead.

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