DPJ to choose new leader Jan 18; Hosono says he's a candidate


The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) will choose a new leader at a meeting on Jan 18 to replace Banri Kaieda who lost his seat in last Sunday's lower house election.

Kaieda, who led the DPJ to its third consecutive thrashing at the polls, announced his resignation on Monday. The DPJ managed to win 73 seats, just 11 up on last time and a long way off the numbers that gave the party control of the house between 2009 and 2012. The ruling coalition waltzed home with 326 seats.

The DPJ will be leaderless during the special Diet session begins on Dec 24.

So far, former DPJ Secretary-General Goshi Hosono is the only candidate to throw his hat into the ring.

"My goal is to put together a powerful opposition force that can stand up to the government and safeguard democracy," Hosono told reporters on Wednesday.

To run for the leadership position, candidates must have the backing of 20 party members.

Japanese media reported Wednesday that DPJ acting President Katsuya Okada, current DPJ Secretary-General Yukio Edano and former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara are all likely to vie for the leadership.

The DPJ, elected in 2009 on a wave of optimism after more than half a century of almost unbroken rule by the LDP, governed haphazardly until 2012 under three weak prime ministers.

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Hosono and Edano the one who lied to the country about what was happening at TEPCO coldly. Both pushed all the country to burn open-air all the contaminated waste coming from Fukushima disaster, giving thick brown envelop to make your eyes look around...they are horrible choice.

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Can you provide evidence?

If you were in Japan during the event I am sure you saw Edano on TV who was only the govt spokeman at this time telling us that there are nothing happening at TEPCO while the peak cloud of radiation was passing over the city and that the SPEEDII data was not showing anything. He got promoted then for his nice work on cover-up, promoted at the finance of the country and he is the one who organized the famous bailout at TEPCO.

Now about HOSONO , some readings here about his actions :


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On paper a rather interesting group of candidates, all from the top-end universities. My personal preference would be for either Edano or Hosono, the other two have some baggage.

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There is one prevailing aspect in the world of politics pervasive party system, the new leader of the DPJ will be a recycled career politician, nine times out of ten a lawyer, as sure as night follows day the leadership role will be a back slapping establishment figure, a track record in local then national political spheres.

What if this established strategy of identifying the next DPJ leader could be turned on its head, and a candidate could be persuaded over the time in opposition to completely reshape, reform, reinvent, in fact restructure a new political party from the remnants of the current DPJ. A candidate from outside the political arena. What qualities would this candidate process. The candidate would have wide range of skills, including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and management at the highest level, leadership skills,unafraid to take risks, sound competitive spirit to succeed under pressure,solid communication skills coupled with ruthless ambition, reliable personal and professional Integrity.

He's right under DPJ acting President Katsuya Okada nose, his elder brother Montoya Okada, Group Chief Executive Officer, President of Aeon co Ltd. He is connected to 68 board members in 7 different organisations across 11 different industries (Bloomberg Businessweek).

Ok how does it go...it's just my imagination, runaway with me.

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Heck bring back Loopy Hatoyama, he's good at spending money.

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Half a century of being the Government opposition, what can we expect when they were given the chance to lead a country.....?

The ability to agree on a set of policies and a PM who could stay in the job for more than a year might have been nice.

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On paper a rather interesting group of candidates, all from the top-end universities. My personal preference would be for either Edano or Hosono, the other two have some baggage.

The other two are has-beens with nothing in their records to suggest they should get another chance at the job. Edano is the one who admitted that the DPJ weren't ready for power, so I'd say that kind of defeatism rules him out too. Don't know about Hosono.

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Actually I was back home at the time but watched things progress on TV and online. These days distance makes little difference. Incredible.

You might have noticed I said I'm neutral. That means I want factual information such as he was caught doing or saying something. Or, he was good because he did blah, blah.

You should know that I'm not in favour of their party. If I had the right to vote, it would not be for them. In being neutral, I am trying to look at the members that HongoTAFEinmate suggested objectively.

Now, I'd like to trouble you for your suggestions for suitable candidates, of any party, if you have any. Doesn't have to be somebody perfect, I doubt anyone is 100% the right man/woman for the job all of the time.

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Half a century of being the Government opposition, what can we expect when they were given the chance to lead a country.....?

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Duly noted and appreciated HTI.

Edano came across to me as keen and capable (seems that way according to his profile too) after 3/11. Good choice. How he would hold up as PM, I have no idea. Not just capability, but charisma to inspire confidence is important IMO.

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Criticism noted citizen2000.

I'm being neutral here. Can you provide evidence?

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But does he meet the stringent criteria of JT?

Namely... um, what were they again?

While we are at it, who do you propose if not this guy? Any party is fine since I'm sure our resident political experts have done extensive research into the policies of every one of them (No, you cannot nominate yourself Captain Underpants).

Seriously, go for it. It's a political thread. Astound me with your savvy.

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