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Earthly politicians seek roadmap for space exploration


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International cooperation? It is funny. China was prohibited to join the international space program for decades.

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Here we go again....!?!?!

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Well, sorry but your country China is known for stealing technology from other countries so what can we do ?

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"Earthly politicians"??? Since there are no known non-earthly types, then that word is useless, if not just plain stupid, in this headline. "Politicians" is questionable, too, as these "delegates" and "staff" are primarily appointed and not elected. (Had to get that gripe out of my system before the long weekend.)

That said, let's hope the delegates from the 30 space-faring nations can accomplish something on measures to protect against NEOs threatening human life on our tiny planet.

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This must be the joke of the day. First how about sorting out the mess they have made of this once great planet called Earth. Have they looked at their own countries, the poverty, the starvation levels. The list is endless, but they want to spend spend spend on these programs. Now is time to take stock, each country to be responsible for its own citizens quality of life. Laws to make all politicians and bureaucrats accountable for every decision made, all monies received and spent.

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