Economic minister Yamagiwa given startup-nurturing portfolio


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Kishida believes investing in startups is one of the keys to developing the new form of capitalism he envisages. The government aims to make it easier for such firms to raise funds by reviewing the initial public offering process and nurturing future entrepreneurs.

Giving taxpayer money to nurture venture capital on the one hand and in the other news....

a "record " 30 yen minimum wage increase is being considered.

"New Capitalism" sounds like a Dickensian dystopia.

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Good Job J government . As usual.

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Good Job J government . As usual.

Praising the Japanese government giving your tax money to venture capitalist cronies will not put money in your pocket or put you in the special favor of the LDP oligarchs.

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Japanese society not embracing individual effort,group collaboration,sometime hurt innovation

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And Yamagiwa's experience in start ups is ... oh I see ... OK ... absolutely nothing.

Well carry on LDP.

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Or they could just hire someone in the start-up industry, who knows what they are doing, has all the contacts necessary, and let them get on with it.

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