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Economy minister returns month's salary over pay offer to state-backed fund


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"administrative blunder" hahaha can Ghosn not use this excuse then?

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Of course he is (they are) getting away with it.

As always, 1 month salary cut to show "remorse", bow and that's the end of the story!

Wish Ghosn could do the same!!

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This is bizarre government waist, a subsidiary company almost wholly owned by the government overseen by a Minister. Decided his own penalty for not being aware of where the money goes in his own ministry. No investigation as to who is actually responsible for padding renumeration. Just another administration blunder. Or blatant syphoning off of tax payer money. Red faces for being caught.

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Hahaha... I said this exact thing less than a week ago. While people like Ghosn are getting jailed until they falsely confess, everyone else is "voluntarily" returning a small amount of pay for potentially giving away millions and other such corporate and political scandal. Good old Japan.

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"We have caused an administrative blunder

Adimonistrative blunder? That’s a nice way to say, “you got caught with your fingers in the till.”

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I believe that these men should be arrested, held in detention, and new charges filed upon them until they confess to their crimes.

After all, what's good for the Ghosn is good for the Seko.

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Where have fairness gone ???.Why don't they do the same thing for Carlos Ghosn too ???.

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