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Education minister visits 'sexy yoga' studio by official car


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As for Hayashi's use of the official car to visit the studio, the ministry believes it did not run counter to regulations as Hayashi went there in between public duties.

Right, so in effect, going off and getting massaged in all the right places, with a "happy ending" no doubt, is fine, so long as it doesn't interfere with "official" duties.

Where can I apply?

The weekly said the yoga studio is run by a former porn actress and has been shown on TV as a "hostess club yoga" because its instructors are former hostesses and models.

How much you want to bet he asked for a receipt for "services rendered" and was going to put it on his expense account too!

Incidents like this have more than likely been going on for the entire time of Abe's administration. The media typically lays off publishing stories like this, until they can smell the blood in the water.

This is also more proof that Abe, his policies, and his "people" and government, are just paying lip service to equality and women's issues.

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Handsome man needed to release some stress.

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he went there for "better health," a source said.

yeah boy!

The weekly said the yoga studio is run by a former porn actress

good for your health!

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" the latest revelation could deal a fresh blow" I'll say, no pun intended by the writing staff

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Nice to see an "Education Minister" mingling! with people from all corners of our diverse society. It might well have been a fact finding visit in order to formulate policies that with be more focused on girls education in line with the government drive to include more women in the work force. Womanomics at work LDP style.

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The 57-year-old minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology has told a person close to him that he went there for "better health,"

Ah huh..

Well technically yoga does fall under sports, oil massage under..education!! as for the porn actress running it- well..chalk her up to culture.

But Hayashi also said the visit was something "that could invite misunderstanding concerning the distinction between private and public matters," according to the source.

Nah!!!!! REALLY????? Wh..Why would THAT "invite misunderstanding concerning the distinction between private and public matters??"

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The minister of education visits a "sexy yoga" studio run by an ex-porn star?

For a two hour "massage?"

And this is the TOP guy in education in Japan?

Is this OK with the LDP?

I can't believe this!

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Of course it's okay, he's trying to serve as a role model for all those involved in the education of Japan's young people, Boards of Education members, teaching staff, and even ALTs.

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No the LDP are not happy about this as most of them can't stay awake for two hours let alone endure a 2 hour "massaging" from a ExPorn Star...as much as they think they could.

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The article doesn't say anything about who busted him. I bet it was his driver who was pissed because he had to wait outside for 2 hours during The Minister's "treatment"

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Just another nth generation politician with a sense of privilege doing his bit to support Abe's womanomics.

hope he remembered to get his ryoshusho to avoid any misunderstanding.

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So this is Abe’s man for overseeing moral education in secondary schools.

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Made he went there to get some FIRST HAND experience about massages so that he can present a curriculum for schools to teach about massages. :-/

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Let me be clear (since he is trying to blur the lines).

A minister of education going to yoga is not strange sir.

A minister using a nations vehicle to go to yoga isn’t protocol. But its not a massive crime.

A minister of education going to utilize sex services in a country where thats illegal...well lets see where this gets you.

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and doesn't he look like a sharp , bright star of the Ministry. For all of us in the trenches of the joke they try to pass for education here, this nice little piece of morning news will resonate particularly well.

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Education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi is a public official with authority conferred by the state.

It is necessary that Education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi excepts that he conforms to certain standards of behavior and refrains from satisfying his sleazy peccadillo's especially with the aid of his tax payers official car. Foolish delinquent.

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It is necessary that Education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi excepts that he conforms to certain standards of behavior and refrains from satisfying his sleazy peccadillo's especially with the aid of his tax payers official car. 

Are we now shocked that other people have sexual desires? Even public figures have sex lives - no big deal. Stop with this puritanical voyeurism and spike these kinds of sensationalist articles.

-10 ( +5 / -15 )

Wolfpack/ if the ministry put all of those great minds and qualifications together and realised the difference between education and indoctrination then no one would care. He could be into S and M strap  ons for all he likes.

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Just read that he's a member of the "Koga-faction" within the LDP. I wonder if this leak is intended to weaken that faction in advance of the infighting to determine who replaces Abe.

(I sure hope there is more outing of this sort - I'm not puritanical, but the idiot is using our tax yen and resources and seems to think he's perfectly entitled to do so.)

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Message to his secretary:

"Just gonna slip down to Ebisu for a tub and tug. Back in a couple of hours. Hold my calls."

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(Looking at that photo) Not for one minute do I believe that guy does yoga or ANY form of exercise. Remove 'y yoga' and I get a better picture of his activities using tax payers' money.

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for better health

Love that pale excuse. The guy has a double chin. For better health how about hitting the gym or running a few laps. But we we all know what "better health" he is referring to.

But Hayashi also said the visit was something "that could invite misunderstanding concerning the distinction between private and public matters," 

No misunderstanding there mate, you to sexy yoga run by a former porn actress and instructors former models and hostesses in an official ministry car which is for work, but use it like your own taxi service. There isn't actually anything wrong going to a place like this but he turns up there in an official ministry car. The tabliots love this kind of stuff.

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whats wrong?

-3 ( +1 / -4 )


What this guy did is obviously a misappropriation of public funds (use of the car and his time) and is totally wrong. He should be like the rest of us and go to a sports club using his own method of transportation during off hours. Also his choice of venue is not appropriate for a government official, especially one in his specific position. In the end he sounds like an arrogant SOB and probably feels he is above the rest of us.

If the Yoga School being referenced is in fact Positive Star Yoga, the website for the Yoga school is interesting. I would suggest having a look. I guess one could form their own opinion after that.

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that said, 50000Y yoga class... ,I like that they try to make a distinction between them and typical shibuya massagi....essentially same service though

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Hopefully he took a business expense receipt haha

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I wanna see his expense account receipts. And his daily routine.

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Like the other posters above, I had a look at the Positive Star Yoga site and its looks like its an actual yoga business, but one that uses titillation to get male customers. So its more like a hostess club or a Hooters than an overt sex business like a soapland. As with hostess clubs, the big bill doesn't automatically mean certain services are being rendered. Japan is more complicated than that.

The use of an official car is unacceptable and the "Education Minister" should not go to places like this while in office, so even if it means exaggerating what Positive Star Yoga do, the press are right to go after him.

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The 57-year-old minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology has told a person close to him that he went there for "better health," a source said.

is that what they call happy endings these days?

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WolfpackToday  09:05 am JST

Are we now shocked that other people have sexual desires?

No. You may be slightly missing the point.

Even public figures have sex lives - no big deal.

Whatever legal activities consenting adults get up to is of no concern to me. I doubt if any other employer would be so understanding with ordinary employees who used company cars for such purposes "in between" duties, though.

Anyway, doesn't it strike anyone else as interesting that Hayashi was involved in revealing emails relating to Kake Gakuen shortly before this occurred? It almost makes me wonder if someone is trying to tell him he should have kept his mouth shut.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

Even public figures have sex lives - no big deal.

Its a big deal when they represent a constituency and use my tax money for it.

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Simon Foston - I was not aware of that, but hardly surprised. What lies underneath the surface of Japanese politics is as nasty and corrupt as almost anywhere in the world

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Thanks @simon. Will research.

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GoodlucktoyouToday  11:14 am JST

Thanks @simon. Will research.

From The Japan Times, https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/04/20/national/politics-diplomacy/education-chief-reveals-email-challenging-ex-abe-aides-account-kake-vet-school-scandal/:

In the latest twist in the Kake Gakuen scandal, education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi revealed Friday that a three-year-old email has been found linking the Cabinet Office with a ministry official — the latest sign that the account given by one of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s former secretaries may not be credible.

The email, sent on April 2, 2015, touched on the possibility of setting up a meeting between former aide Tadao Yanase and officials from Kake Gakuen, Ehime Prefecture and the city of Imabari, even though Yanase denies that Abe did any favors for the school operator run by his friend.


“I think now that those involved should take responsibility for explaining” what actually happened, Hayashi told a news conference Friday.

I can't imagine Hayashi being so popular with Il Duce after that.

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Yet another LDP silver spoon dynastic politician who can't tell the difference between the public purse and his own wallet. You can almost smell the stench of entitlement oozing from his chubby cheeks. How long will the Japanese public put up with these clowns?

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So it appears that Hayashi is now being smeared for his "sexy yoga" on tax-payers time because he announced the finding of that old email linking Abe's aide, Kake Gakuin and Imabari city.

The LDP smear merchants are busy this week!!!

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I'm sure his wife is fine with it as well.

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Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi should explain the mentioned trip as part of his field research to investigate how this kind of service could reduce stress at work and improve productivity!

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Taxpayers money hard at work, again.

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Maybe, we can look forward to ‘sexy yoga’ being part of the national school curriculum in the near future?

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Does anyone know where this business is and if there are others like it? How popular is this style of yoga and when did it start? I ask this because I am actually in Japan looking at 'Yoga in Japan' www.yogascapesinjapan.com - So I would actually like to know more about this.

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@educator60... try checking the yoga website?....

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

keyword is business support http://www.ps-yoga.com/service/social.html

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Smooth execution!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Not only handsome, but has that Yogi look about him as he stares of into the distance humming a mantra of HmmmmmmmmmmmYattttttaHmmmmmmmmmmmmmYattttttta

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female instructor gives a private yoga lesson

That's a new name for it.

More pigs feeding from the trough, this government stinks.

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A visit to the site is very telling. Google "Positive Star Yoga." It's in Japanese, but Google translate works for about 80% of the site. Notice that all the "instructors" are nubile girls. You can have one "instructor" for one hour at 25,000 yen or two "instructors" for 30,000 yen.

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Wolfpack, pontificating puritanism has little relevance to the contradictory dilemma that Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi has brought upon himself.

Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi chose a career in public life, inevitably having responsibilities that the electorate will define as accountability.

Not only do I question his delinquency, I also doubt his judgement and appropriacy.

An Education Minister conduct and behaviour has to be beyond reproach.

Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi has a duty to his constituency party, not to mention the ruling LDP government.

To use a tax payers official car as a means of transport to allegedly participate in a private oil soaked, bendy Wendy, bout of “sexy yoga” is billy bonkers. Especially after all the adverse publicity this scandal ridden government has had to endure.

And all in the pursuit for “better health”........That's deranged.

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Hehe, guess which is the most commented article today? Such fun! :)

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Great publicity for the yoga studio. Is actually not so over the top expensive once you have paid the initial joining fee.

I am sure his wife knows that he attends these places and that this is a great morale booster for everybody involved in education in Japan who look up to him as a role model. He must have known that his car would be followed everywhere?

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I thought Hayashi looked familiar, he used to be big in the whaling industry. One amakudari post to the next.

Typical of the way the LDP is behaving.

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