Election result is 'harsh verdict' on DPJ: media


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Election result is 'harsh verdict' on DPJ:

Especially considering how many votes were bought, bullied and extorted. There was never any doubt Abe and his right-wing cronies would win. And, as a result, war with China is definitely a reality.

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I don't think so Disillusioned, at least I don't hope so. The huffing and puffing was most likely just a tool to get elected, once in power I bet some of that war thirst is going to wear off pretty quickly.

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"hasty" decision (dissolving Diet) by Noda turned soft verdict into harsh one.

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As the Nikkei newspaper warned, the LDP should not become too confident in its lackluster win. If the LDP “fails to make change, voters will give a strict verdict again next time”, it said.

It is being said that the LDP's huge win was not because it is so popular, but because the other parties could offer nothing better. So now that the LDP controls the Lower House, it must do something positive. The LDP has done nothing for at least the last 13 years ... so, as the article points out above, if they want to win big again in the next election, they had better start doing something to get Japan out of the doldrums.

As for the "harsh verdict" wordage in the headline & 1st paragraph, true, true, true. Minshuto was a disorganized party ... and the Ozawa problems did not help at all. Speaking of Ozawa, what happened to the 50 or so followers who quit Minshuto with him and fled to another party? Although Ozawa somehow kept his seat, what happened to his "children?"

Okay LDP ... the ball's now in your court. Let's see some positive action for once ...

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What's going to happen in the next 4 years when people get fed up with LDP...? More political instability in Japan...

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Not a surprising result. Japan got the government she voted for and deserves. Most of the voters who turned out are getting on in years - let's be honest here - and many likely suffer from memory loss issues. I mean, Abe was Mr. 8 % popularity or something in his abysmal term as PM - and I distinctly remember those 50 million "lost" pension records under his regime. Apparantly this and all the other screw ups are forgiven!

As an aside - did anyone watch all the hilarious "Banzai" electoral victory speeches? Some of the victors were so ancient they could barely raise their withered arms three times! Talk about Japan going back to the dodgy old past!

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Exactly. Voters didn't like Abe and his crew before, so they voted for change. The new ruling party was given about 3 years to deal with a depression, earthquake, tsunami, nuclear blow-up, and out-of-place-agitators such as Ishihara provoking China. Now voters are unhappy and want what caused all the political problems from before. I dont get it..

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A disillusioned population doesn't turn out to vote, so by default you end up with only older voters electing a right wing government, with multi-millionaire leaders with no idea of what it's like to be an ordinary person and a party that wants to isolate itself from it's surrounding countries - who am I talking about? The UK. Good luck guys, we're in our 3rd recession since they came to power, have huge unemployment where skilled people only have the option of a part time job and government borrowing bigger than under a socialist government!

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Not so harsh, just Darumasan Ga Koronda !!

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and I distinctly remember those 50 million "lost" pension records under his regime.

Wasn't it under Koizumi aka "I didn't know I had to pay the pension!" PM.

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When you're elected as the party of change, you must deliver it. If you backtrack and spend all the time bickering amongst yourself and avoiding hard issues that would create clashes with the establishment, you look weak and disappoint your voters, and end up where the DPJ ended up. People will ask "why vote for you when you end up governing effectively like the other guys?".

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The DPJ was a political experiment which flatlined once the country was struck by last years massive disasters.

Their troubles started way before 2011's earthquake and nuclear crisis. They were already on their second PM at that point and had already broken many promises. The disasters didn't help, but they didn't help themselves.

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Shinzo Abe needs to take a page from Koizumi and just be himself. Start going back to Yasukuni Jinja again - whether you like it or not it's his place of worship. Reassert undeniable control of ancillary territories, reward your base but most of all be decisive. Let the haters hate and succeed in doing something because people want strong leadership not the flip-flopping of stagnancy of the last three years.

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Would have been harsher had the third force gotten their act together. Some may view that Noda minimized the damages through calling for a surprise election at short notice to give the third force little time to think and act carefully. Sad for Noda that weakening the third force helped the LDP more than it did the DPJ as it turned out DPJ was headed for miserable loss either way.

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