Emperor Hirohito's aide criticized gov't for staging 'incongruous' ascension rite


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I would actually prefer all Japanese dress rather than western, despite the cost. It is Japan, after all.

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It's all a kind of dress-up play, isn't it: tailcoats or 10th century garb, it doesn't resemble reality. But if it's for tourism then why not? I guess it's better than a Disney theme or an enthronement mascot.

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Bottom Line, which will give the foreign world more kick for their buck?

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Gods or nature, there is ritual part that is link to "God". This is legal. Religion is an agreed right and based on a coded laws called "beliefs".

Every rituals falls under religious rights and not the democratic legal one. There is a wall to keep it legal. If you don't obey to your religious needs, this is a fake democracy so the lords can keep expansives advantages. Those advantages become unlawed ones (there are legal because of religious exceptions) and you loose some internationals rights (example : OMC or USA or atomic).

So, this is important for religion to be in charge of rituals. Lords can ask for a change but religion keep the ritual to decide if this is a good time or not. Everything is set for reason and money is clearly not a good one.


Deeper Mind...

You have in the world of today two choices : monarchy or republic. Monarchy is based on religious beliefs. Republic is based on universal belief and the freedom rank (we have outgrown religion, we are not "bad" anymore and Vatican agreed on this). Both are legal, but both ask for religious truth toward the people. Otherwise you fall under religious extremism or religious dictature. You are no more a democracy ( that are the common progressive link between monarchy and republics).

So, understand this, the emperor is the japaneese mind and heart keeper. He is the one having the legal right to say "you can be free on international law". Us we got a free Vatican but not Japan. The subject is hard and complicated, but the world truth turn a lot around religious beliefs. Japaneese government should be carefull because the subject is becoming highly sensitive again (anglicans) .


To conclude...

I am not fond of monarchy, because english monarchy still make wars inside my country and is keeping other people liberty in prison under admitted fake religious beliefs. If, they don't believe in God anymore and then they should be a free republic. But, I had the understanding Japan was not against its environmental religion and have a lord (shogun) easy war problems. Nonetheless, a free religious monarchy is a basic. You don't choose your pope or how he will be get the power. In today's world, Democracy can't imposed fake rituals without deer consequences.



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Yes. A kawaii mascot theme. Another wall scroll to hang and action figure to display.

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Parliamentary monarchies (e.g. UK) are more politically stable than presidential republics (e.g. US), and even parliamentary republics. The monarch is supposed to act as referee to prevent presidents-for-life and electoral corruption (reign not rule). A parliamentary republic has a president that does the same as the monarch, except the prime minister or president could assume both offices, whereas monarchies require the same family. Lastly, the only presidential republic that has not devolved into dictatorship at some point in its history is the US.

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