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Envoys from Japan, S Korea, U.S. discuss N Korean nuclear threat


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So did the envoys happen to mention the world's largest arsenal of banned chemical and biological weapons that the Kim clique continues to stockpile? Did they have some casual chit chat about the numerous germ warfare and nerve gas factories that have been in operation for decades inside the DPRK? Perhaps they had some light-hearted discussions about the tons upon tons of VX, sarin, tabun, ricin, botulinin, phosgene, etc...? Or maybe they made some off the cuff remarks about the huge amounts of anthrax, tularemia, plague, brucella, etc... in Kim's possession that could kill every one on the Korean peninsula and Japanese archipelago several times over? Who cares about a nuclear program when most intelligence agencies have known for years that the Kim mafia's scientists have been hard at work trying to reanimate doomsday viruses like Spanish influenza and smallpox Variola? Couple that with proven missile and artillery delivery systems that could render Seoul, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Busan, Osaka, etc... uninhabitable for decades and I wonder what sort of coordinated response they have proposed regarding this seemingly overlooked actuality? China is not going to do anything to provoke the DPRK when their infantile megalomaniac despot already has the means to kill 40% of its population. Fatso is simply going to sell these A-bombs to the highest terror group bidders, get them to do his dirty work for him, and avoid retaliation by extorting the whole world with his apocalyptic bio-chemical trump card.

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shinhiyataMAY. 27, 2015 - 04:27PM JST So did the envoys happen to mention the world's largest arsenal of banned chemical and biological weapons that the Kim clique continues to stockpile?

No they didn't mention that, because it's not true. Russia & USA have the to largest stockpiles of banned chemical & biological weapons.

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Until the US stops disingenuously pretending that it is itself not part of the problem for China, and seriously engages in strategic talks to resolve outstanding issues, China will continue to prop up North Korea as part of its own self-defense.

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Shinhiyata: You can verify my comment in about 60 seconds on Google. If you have a reliable link that says otherwise, I'll gladly admit my mistake.

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Thouart wayward - I think that you might find this interesting. The US had destroyed its germ warfare stockpile even before ratifying the Biological Weapons Convention in 1975. The US has destroyed over 90% of its chemical weapons as per the 1997 ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention and is set to neutralize its remaining non-deployable 2400 tons of mustard. Although its dual-use facilities lack transparency, Russia was deemed in compliance with the BWC by the US State Dept as of 2011 with no known stockpiles. Russia is on track (with international assistance) to eliminate the remaining declared stockpiles of non-deployable chemical agents later this year. The artillery pieces used by the US and Russia for these munitions are no longer in service.

NK, on the other hand, is reported to have upwards of 5000 tons of deployed chemical weapons, which far exceeds the remaining non-deployed stockpiles of both the US and Russia combined. NK is not signatory to any chemical weapons treaty. These NGO websites also highlight the suspected biological weapons dilemma of NK which can not be verified due to the secretive nature of the current regime. These articles also point out the past history of NK in selling ChemBioWMD technology around the planet.






Can you provide some credible links to dispute what that Ultraman guy said instead of just asking us to Google?

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Onomatopoeia: I used your own links for the info. The only PROVEN FACTS were voluntary admissions from Russia & USA. They stated to the CWC, Russia had 40,000 tones of CWs and USA had 33,000 tones of CW stockpiles in 1997. Since then, they have each destroyed a high percentages of those ORIGINAL weapons, but both countries have continued MANY new CW manufacturing facilities during that period. There are no NEW verified TOTALS of present CWs. Both countries have failed to meet each timeline, for the destruction of their original CWs.

Chemical Weapons:

Behind Russia, the United States declared the SECOND-LARGEST stockpile of chemical agents. In October 2010, the United States announced that it had destroyed 24,488 tons of chemical materials, representing 80% of its original stockpile. On January 21, 2011 the United States completed the destruction of the Deseret Chemical Depot’s chemical weapons stockpile, hitting the milestone of destroying 90% of its stockpile. [6] However, due to environmental concerns requiring that materials at certain facilities be neutralized rather than incinerated, the United States does not expect to complete destruction until 2021, nine years after the Chemical Weapons Convention deadline. The December 1, 2011 meeting of the states party to this treaty reaffirmed the April 2012 deadline, but did not specify that countries that failed to meet it would be in violation of the pact. [7]

As for NK, all of your links only use words like "most likely" or "are estimated", related to CW production capabilities, and total inventories. Those words translate to guessing and rough calculation, not fact.

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This NK issue has been posing serious threat to World Peace and every now and then, they will stir up some threatening and disturbing development..... and a lot of discussions and talkings about them by all these super power countries, its really time they needed to act on the talks more affirmatively, don't just talk, but walk the talks please!!!

Shut it down once and for all before NK shut the world down!!!

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Iskysong: Shut it down once and for all before NK shut the world down!!!

So you want to go to war, you about as nuts as Kim Jung Un himself.

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