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EU, Japan conclude gigantic free trade deal


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Once completed it will forge an economic zone of 600 million people with 30 percent of global GDP.

Concluded but not completed......And again rather long wait, by early 2019.

The trade deal/political/Joint EU-Japan Declaration/economic partnership accord, has become a bilateral free trade agreement/trade accord....

A trade section all dependent on negotiators finding an agreement on the investment protection section. So, still in reality the same 15 page document to wave at President Trump......

 “sends a clear signal to the world that the EU and Japan are committed to keeping the world economy working on the basis of free, open and fair markets with clear and transparent rules fully respecting and enhancing our values, fighting the temptation of protectionism,” Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe said in a joint statement.

The EU method of investor dispute settlement, a vague and ambiguous tribunal system that would allow governments flexibility to pass measures defined to be in the public interest, so a method of back door protectionism.

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"We can catch up with this at a later stage," she said.

As yes, classic, sweep it under the rug for now and hope it will go away!

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Free trade ....Ha ha ha ha Yeah sure ....

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Will the European food be cheaper?

I hope the French cheese will

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free and fair rules

So this deal is not about free trade then. It is about regulated trade.

I don’t understand what a ‘free rule’ is even supposed to be. Japan gets to freely block cheese imports when it wants to?

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your country's ability to protect the environment, its people's health, and welfare are the types of protectionism you want

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The EU and Japan announced on Friday they have concluded negotiations for a giant free trade deal while "fighting the temptation of protectionism,"

fighting the temptation of protectionism?? Japan??

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And the jolly old Brexiters will miss out on the benefits. Smart move Britain

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Under the deal, the EU will open its market to the world-leading Japanese auto industry, with Tokyo in return scrapping barriers to EU farming products, especially dairy. EU officials insist that the deal will be a major boon for European farmers who would gain access to a huge market that appreciates European products.

Sounds good to me. Many (most?) J cars sold on euro soil are manufactured at euro sites anyway these days and also have euro-made parts in them I.e they are virtually 'European' cars (jobs & $). Only fair that J auto makers are given greater EU market access, especially if that means cheaper deli meats, sausages & cheese for us here. Let the feast begin!!!

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Hi sf2k, the current situation is areas you highlighted, plus taxation, social mobility, more inclusive family focused policies, an example would be childcare provision, need to be addressed. I agrees it is not ideal

Agriculture and especially in the area of JA cooperatives, are feeling the effects from depopulation and aging workforce. Trade deals, I am not convinced will bring the economic benefits hyped, the term gigantic free trade deal. feel shallow and hollow to begushed for the media.  

These trade deals must have more transparency, hightlight clear benefits that will benefit bottom up, not top down.

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Good for Japan and the EU. Too bad for The Dotard Trump as he isolates the USA from the world.

Would be great if the Japanese Govt. and EU Govt. would also make a defense agreement that would kick out the USA and Bring in the EU Nations. And this will improve Free trade and other trade agreements with the EU.

The EU are a much more civilized group of Nations that respect others and get the respect they need. Time for Japan to nix all trade and defense agreements with teh USA and bring Stability and Peace and prosperity for Japan and the EU.

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Free trade ....Ha ha ha ha Yeah sure ....

The word "fair" is the even bigger laugh. I have yet to see one of these agreements I would describe as fair but I would like to be pleasantly surprised.

Would be great if the Japanese Govt. and EU Govt. would also make a defense agreement that would kick out the USA and Bring in the EU Nations. And this will improve Free trade and other trade agreements with the EU.

Only the U.K and France have a military worth even mentioning and the former will not be a member of the E.U much longer. Japan has the capability to defend itself if it is allowed too.

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So this deal is not about free trade then. It is about regulated trade...

In reality, it just means an effort to bring down some barriers where agreeable for both trade parties. And it still has a value bringing benefits to both.

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Free trade - who Japan? Is the EU fully aware of Japan's many hidden trade barriers that greatly drive up the cost of imports into Japan? These hidden trade barriers are more detrimental to free trade than import taxes themselves.

Trump is well aware of America's huge trade deficit in favor of Japan - year after year. Trump wants and will demand a fair free trade deal with Japan. Japan is now punishing America for pulling out of TPP with increased import taxes on American beef. This punishment is not good for Japan in the long run.

Trump will clearly state - defense issues and trade issues are two different issues - not to be confused for a good bilateral free trade agreement between the two countries.

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Don't forget that this needs to be signed off by every parliament of EU member states, so there's the potential for a last-minute hiccup.

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