EU council chief visits Hiroshima; condemns Russian nuclear threat


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He does know that the US has nuclear weapons based in Germany and Poland and Biden has threatened a preemptive attack on Russia.

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Umm, anyone wanna tell Charles Michel the name of the country that dropped the nukes on those cities....and the only country to ever use nuclear weapons?

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But any nation that uses nuclear weapons as a threat does not deserve to be in posession of such weapons or be on the UNSC.

you try and take it off them

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This is projection. The Russians haven't made any such threat.

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Thats absolutely correct the USA being leader of NATO has threatened Russia with a nuclear preemptive strike.

People seem to conveniently ignore that.

The USA more likely to do that from a foreign country.

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Want to include testing? Just to be balanced? ncluding former USSR states, now independent coutries?

Russia, between 1949 and 1990, is reported to have conducted 715 nuclear tests using 969 total devices by official count, including 219 atmospheric, underwater, and space tests, and 124 peaceful use tests. Some experts estimate the figures to be higher. Most of the tests took place at the Southern Test Site in Kazakhstan and the Northern Test Site at Novaya Zemlya. Other tests reportedly took place at various locations including Uzbekistan, Ukraine (underground in 1972 in Kharkiv) and Turkmenistan.

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The British also tested exact replicas of the Hiroshima nuclear weapons multiple times in Australia islands 7 years after the nuclear holocaust of Japan .

The Australian aborigines who perished or suffered never were compensated or received medical assistance or even surveyed to document the effects.

The Soviets also conducted tests

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When referring to nuclear weapons being used and innocent civilians perished or becoming sick - its only fair to include all countries that have used nuclear weapons against civilians whether in a war or during testing.

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Kishida is elected from Hiroshima ?

I didn't know that.

How can Kishida be determined to rid the world of nuclear weapons whilst seeking to attain the use of nuclear weapons as a lethal deterrence and with preemptive strike capabilities.

Also Japan pays for the protection of the USA and its nuclear arsenal.

Completely hypocritical !

Look at what the USA did that was horrific war crimes never held accountable.

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The only country to use nuclear weapons

Iam assuming your insinuating the USA.

That's not correct because France dropped nuclear bombs on Pacific islands nations.

And they weren't even at war.

The nuclear disasters of Ukraine and Fukushima are also worth mentioning.

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Some 89-93 nations have attended the Hiroshima Ceremony because of the world's shared hope that nuclear weapons will never be used again in war. The elimination of all existing nuclear weapons is a fantasy. But any nation that uses nuclear weapons as a threat does not deserve to be in posession of such weapons or be on the UNSC.

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According to Google and if your interested - the Soviets conducted almost 1000 nuclear tests between 1949 and 1990 some of which were done in the now Ukraine .

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Exactly the same as America.

You said it !

Putin and Biden have definitely both threatened to USA nuclear weapons.

There's no denying that !

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Threatened to use

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I didn't say include testing to be balanced.

I said to include tests because innocent lives were lost due to nuclear weapons.

My point is this - any country that used nuclear weapons for tests or in conflicts where innocent civilians perished or became sick are guilty of crimes.

Same goes for weapons of mass destruction.

Japan had signed agreements not to twice prior to using weapons of mass destruction against Korea and China and then signed again in 1993 not to but admitted to possession of sarin for defense purposes.

Japan isn't to be trusted with lethal weapons.

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A senior EU official said Michel decided to go to Hiroshima because the city is a symbol for areas affected by nuclear weapons and also where Kishida is elected from.

not to mention, it's good headline material.... sort of a proxy 'victim card'....

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RodneyToday  08:06 am JST

He does know that the US has nuclear weapons based in Germany and Poland and Biden has threatened a preemptive attack on Russia.

Nonsense. Biden refused to accept a "No First Strike" policy, exactly the same as Russia. He had not invaded another country, much less threaten to use nuclear weapons as Putin has.

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