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EU seeks defense industry partnerships with Japan, S Korea: Nikkei


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This is a strange report, because EU countries, especially France and Germany, were complaining about Korean weapons flooding into EU.

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Samit BasuToday  07:48 am JST

This is a strange report, because EU countries, especially France and Germany, were complaining about Korean weapons flooding into EU.

Links please.

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Links please.


Emmanuel Macron brings up Korean armaments during a speech advocating a stronger European defense industry.


France's defense industry threatened by new competitors

South Korea, Turkey and Israel are formidable competitors for the French military-industrial sector which, despite its strengths and its position as the world's third-largest arms exporter, has a number of shortcomings.


Better call Seoul: U.S. watches nervously as Europe turns to South Korea for weapons

South Korea is racking up multibillion-dollar defense deals in Europe as Seoul pushes to become a bigger player in international weapons sales.

And it’s causing some jitters in the U.S. defense industry.


South Korea Could Sweep Up Europe’s Tank Market

Germany’s self-inflicted wound has left defense partners looking for alternatives.

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It makes perfect sense to have globalized manufacturing and supply cooperation between friendly and allied nations on defence equipment and munitions. Supply of 155mm artillery rounds is a standard, as is 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm and 0.50 cal rounds for pistols, rifles and machine guns. Many use the same missles on their fighter jets and naval ships.

The availability of expanded stock from around the globe benefits all if made available to all. With low stock levels thanks to Russia's invasion in Europe burning through munitions non stop for years, allies need to increase cooperations with partners everywhere they can.

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South Korea Could Sweep Up Europe’s Tank Market

Sometimes the defense press is full of prunes. I know this first hand from reading articles about systems I have or had direct hands on experience with where breathless articles about these systems were complete fiction.

In any event, the Koreans need German transmission for their tanks as the Korean ones have had serious reliability problems.


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