EU sees Japan free-trade deal in early 2017


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A deal with china would be better.

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I wonder what they mean by "close to making a deal?" I heard this years ago when Japan first invited itself into TPP (which Japan effectively killed by dragging negotiations on for years). I sincerely doubt any trade deal involving Japan will be in any way "free," especially when it comes to farm goods. Japan will immediately get completely free trade for it's cars, while European farmers will likely see something like Japan's "free trade" agreement with Australia, where Australia beef tariffs were somewhat reduced over a period of a decade.

Japan does not do "free trade," it never has, and if the EU expects that Japan is going to allow zero-tariffs on European farm goods, they have been drinking too much sake. The EU better stop bothering, and save everyone a great deal of time and money. There should be no negotiations whatsoever, either it is free trade with zero tariffs, or everyone packs up and leaves.

A deal with china would be better.

No, it would not. China's contempt for Japan borders on outright hatred, and China needs to hold Japan out as a great evil to help control the Chinese people. So long as the people believe there are external threats from Japan and others facing China, they will be distracted from the internal threats of incompetence, corruption greed, and oppression of the Chinese government. China will continue to stoke the flames of fear and anger by patrolling near the Senkaku islands, and reliving Japanese atrocities from the war.

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Would be nice to get some affordable Dutch cheese imported into Japan,

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SK concluded a free trade deal with the EU a few years ago, so I think this is an attempt for Japan to catch up.

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EU food products being cheaper in Japan would be incredible, I hope they do this. I seem to recall that this same deal was also going to make EU beer and wine cheaper as well so I would suggest get a move on and sign this

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EU food products being cheaper in Japan would be incredible

Ain't gonna happen. Abe and the LDP depend on votes from the countryside to keep them in power, as they have for the past 5 or so decades. The heavy tariffs placed on imported food fund the huge subsidies paid to Japanese farmers. Almost every year (and always in election years), the diet passes some sort of agricultural or environmental spending bill to buy these rural votes. As people who live in the countryside get three votes per person, they have the power to outvote those who live in the cities.

If Abe and the LDP abolish tariffs on food, they won't be able to afford the subsidies, and they will get voted out of office. If the EU thinks that Abe and Japan are going to agree to anything resembling "free trade", they are in for a surprise. But I fully expect the EU to cave the way Australia did, and create a one-sided deal which pads the profits of Japan Inc, and will not jeopardize the LDP's control of the rural vote.

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Sangetsu. Spot on.

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In a statement, the EU’s chief trade negotiator with Tokyo said a deal was possible by early next year if Japan opens up to EU farm goods and Europe can agree to granting unfettered access to Japanese cars.

Well Mr.EU’s chief trade negotiator with Tokyo, what we living here can tell you is you are delusional if you think Japan will open up to EU farm goods. And what's your guarantee that all of Europe can agree to granting unfettered access to Japanese cars? Sorry chuckles. You need to spend more time in Japan.

SK concluded a free trade deal with the EU a few years ago, so I think this is an attempt for Japan to catch up.

Very true, but the difference between JP and SK is that SK is more pragmatic and willing to concede a few things to get what it wants. JP is not willing to do that. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Their idea of negociating is to sit there and refuse everything until the other side gives in. That's what they did with the TPP. But without Japan opening up to EU farm goods, granting unfettered access to Japanese cars is going to be an impossible sell to all the EU members and they all need to agree. The EU can't risk a compromise here or there will be more exits, not just the UK.

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