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EU weighs lifting restrictions on travel from over 10 nations, including Japan, from July 1


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Covid-19 in Japan is from EU, type C.

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Oh...that means that I will be send soon on business trips to Europe.

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Akie, the mother of all covid-19 types is from China.

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Oh, goody !

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It looks like France and Germany have had around 7000 new cases each in the past fortnight, around 500 a day.


Too soon for Japanese people to be going there for jollies? I dunno, but if permanent residents aren't allowed back to their homes in Japan, I would say this is hypocrisy.

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It is time that we from the European Union reopen gradually the borders to relative safe countries as Japan,and it would be nice that they will do the same.

Life must restart at a certain point.

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Well, just get another step in the ending this whole lockdown. And once they develop the vaccine, and distribute it widely, we can finally bring this whole coronavirus chapter of our lives to a close. And I’ll say good riddance to that!

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usually i would say that China must pay a heavy price, for changing the way we live, for all the pain and suffering... but nowadays people are too sensitive so i,m just gonna say it,s nobody,s fault.

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No one want's any travelers from the USA.

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Don't take the EU seriously. They have prioritised China over Taiwan. Try to work that one out..??

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The current situation is great for Japan. PRs and other long-term gaijins are locked out of Japan,but they still have to continue paying taxes and rent. Foreign money without having to deal with the foreigners.

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Abe's government are angling for a Japanese spectators-only Olympics. Watch this space. They'll keep the immigration restrictions through to next year.

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...removing the travel ban on nations with infection rates similar to or below that of the European Union

Abe essentialy wants to do the same thing by *removing the travel ban on nations *with infection rates similar to or below Japan, which is why they are calling on NZ, Australia, Thailand and Vietnam.

But why would ANY country want to open reciprocially with a country that has a higher current infection rate??

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TigersTokyoDomeToday  04:40 pm JST

Abe's government are angling for a Japanese spectators-only Olympics. Watch this space. They'll keep the immigration restrictions through to next year.

LOL. You haven't noticed the Abe Admin's addiction to foreign tourism money over the last several years?

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Ossan, they've cashed the cheques. Domestic revenue dwarfs tourist money. Have you noticed any moves on tourism? None. He is desperate for the Olympics investment not to be a white elephant so he wants to ban immigration due to Covid-19. As soon as a 2021 Olympics is successfully finished it will be back to normal tourist service.

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I don't understand why people with a valid visa still can't go to Japan. If people intend to stay in Japan for a long time it's not a problem for them to self-isolate for two weeks. Of course tourism is a problem at the moment, but people who want to go to Japan for living should be able to go to Japan.

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There won’t be a 2021 Olympics

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ナチ the answer is that there is no valid reason. It is based on passport cover.

I am essentially Japanese. Have lived here a long time. Commute and work in Japan. Have family here. Pay my taxes here and hold a long term visa. If I have a Japanese passport I can come in. If I have a non-Japanese passport I cannot.

It is not based on sense or medical or scientific reason. Work out what the reason is..

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If it's fair to Japanese people go those EU countries, no problem, but with quarantine conditions is still necessary at this moment. Japan should do that.

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