Ex-defense chief Ishiba declares candidacy in LDP leadership race


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Someone had to run against Abe, at least to make it look good!

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I stopped reading after "I'd like to realize politics that are honest, ..."

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It's already been organised, this is just a nod of the head at the pretence of being a democracy.

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Good luck to Mr Ishiba, who is only one of few, within the LDP, who have been vocally critical of Abe administration's handling of scandals such as Moritomo-Gakuen and Koko-Gakuen.

He was also one of few who have pointed out limitations of Abenomics, saying that it is only a temporary measure that has to come to an end when the BOJ's monetary policy exits and that Japan need sustainable economic policies that balances growth and fiscal health. He also points out that increasing gap between the rich and poor is hurting Japanese economy, producing large number of non-full-time workers and decline of local economies.

He also criticizes Abe's plan for constitutional amendments saying that it is confusing (keeping the war renouncing section 2 but adding a new section to legitimize war) and cannot be understood by the people. He advocates dropping of the section 2 and tell Japanese people honestly that it is a internationally recognized right to keep armed forces to fight invasion to protect lives and freedom of its citizens.

He also criticizes Abe's foreign policy, saying that foreign policy is not about friendship between leaders, It's all about national interests.

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This is a really foolish idea by Ishiba-san. I am disappointed. PM Abe is unbeatable, and has the top job for as long as he wants. PM Abe is the “Prince of farmers”, and Ishiba-san will have no support in rural areas.Agriculture and Fishing is booming at record level.

People just need to look at soaring economy, record employment, booming tourism and PM Abes International strength (leading TPP, attending big Summits) to realize he is the ONLY man for the job.

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Ganbare Japan, if Ishiba won, would you become a critic of his administration?

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@ Ascissor - Ishiba-san will never beat PM Abe. No-one can. But if he will ever be PM (in maybe 6 years, after PM Abe may hand over) of course I support him, because weak opposition parties will be a disaster for the nation, like we saw in 2009-2012 with DPJ.

Japan is on the right course, and Abenomics is producing a soaring economy. Olympics will be the icing on the cake.

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More far right than far right. How far right is it possible to go?

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Welcome the new boss, same as the old boss.

weak opposition parties will be a disaster for the nation, like we saw in 2009-2012 with DPJ.

And the cult of single party dictatorship continues unabated.

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That is the best comment I have read in a long time! Thank you!

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The Russian ads will start on Facebook.

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Cue musical chairs music! He’ll make a deal with Abe not to run this time in order to receive his support in the next election if Abe doesn’t seem to do away with terms altogether.

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I don't much care if Abe wins or not - the LDP lawmakers who chose him for the job will still be in government and they're the real problem. In an ideal scenario some opposition party would form around a clear policy platform, field candidates in every lower house single seat constituency election, and promote their own policies while hammering Abe on his record at the same time. He has basically stayed in power as a result of negativity about the other options, he's given effective election campaigners plenty of ammunition to obliterate him. He's stale, bland, autocratic, corrupt and basically ineffective - they could put up posters with his face on them and a message like "Is this really the best we can do?"

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Is he not the shiftiest Politician you've ever seen ?

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PM Abe will have a walkover victory over his rivals in September elections of LDP

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