Ex-defense chief Nakatani to be Japan's adviser on human rights


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It's the Japanese way. One step forward, the next back half a step.Tortuous, when it's all uphill.

Lest we forget?? Send a poppy.

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Besides the obvious question, which is why wasn't a expert human rights lawyer appointed, shouldn't Gen Nakatani also be looking into Japan's human rights abuses at home and the US abuses around the world? Why limit it to China, Hong Kong and Myanmar? Also, shouldn't he look into Japanese corporations that profit doing business in countries where labour conditions and regulations don't uphold human rights?

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TrevorPeaceToday  07:13 am JST

It's the Japanese way. One step forward, the next back half a step.Tortuous, when it's all uphill.

It's more like four steps forward, one step back, new mascot five steps back, one step forward - check out the new mascot! Thanks to him, we took four steps forward at once!

Maybe people will forget some of his minor scandals or odd statements. And to refresh your memory:


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Japan and human rights? Next...

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Maybe Nakatani will promote anti-discrimination rights in Japan or set up a task force to better the rights of those working in the ‘entertainment’ industry?

How about reforming Japan’s divorce and child custody laws?

I’m not holding my breath though…

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Can he do fairly???.

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With regards to Human Rights, Japan should put it's own hpuse in order, before lecturing everybody else.

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This news on the same day you have this article:


Japan has no teeth, no bite and anyway no intention or leeway whatsoever to do anything or force China to do anything on the Uighur-issue.

Nakatani could, should and must work on what is at hand, urgent and doable: the human rights infringements in Japan. But, of course, this is not going to happen, so...Pretty cushy job, I guess...

As usual, just another useless Kyodo article trying to support the J-government in its pathetic attempts to look like Japan matters to anybody in this whole wide world...

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If Japan's problems with history education (regarding the whitewashing of events involving China) are a "domestic issue" that China has no say in, then Japan certainly has no say in China's issues concerning HK and Xinjiang which Japan isn't even involved with.

Also their "concern" over HK/Xinjiang isn't humanitarian in the least, it's more of an anti-China "enemy of my enemy is my friend" deal, namely a friend being any region that's at odds with and likely to destabilize a regional competitor like China. It the motivations of these right-wingers were actually altruistic then they would spend more time bringing attention to peoples oppressed by other countries. But even historically that's never really been the case.

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Gen Nakatani, please establish a sacred shrine like Yasukuni Shrine to the many millions of non-Japanese that have died at the hands of the Japanese military. That would be a sincere apology.

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