Ex-Malaysian PM: U.S.-led trade group intended to isolate China


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China is wealthy because they are allowed to steal from others and non-Chinese companies decided to allow it without raising a stink. Effectively, the world has funded the CCP's genocide, human rights violations, and dictatorship.

Malaysia DOES have to deal with China, as does most of the world, but we don't have to support their stealing.

Stealing? Like what doe they steal? Everything except low-wage labor.

Huawei stole so much from Nortel networks, then the CCP supported the company to drive Nortel out of business.

Huawei Flagship stores are 100% knockoffs for Apple Stores.

Huawei's laptop is a near copy of Apple's MacBook.

CCP Chinese kidnapped Canadian citizens on behalf of Huawei to have 2 hostages.

Do you wear Tuna or Puma shoes?

Shop in 7-12 or 7-11 stores?

Each KVQ or OFC vs KFC?

Do you kids play with Ultraman or Blackman? Or do they use Legos or whatever the knockoff is this week?

Huawei has been caught lying multiple times. A magazine add with a photo claimed it was taken with a Huawei phone. The model in the shoot took a photo with her camera which showed a professional DSLR camera being used, not a Huawei phone.

Huawei got caught releasing thousands of positive fake reviews BEFORE the phone had even been released.

Those 2 Canadian "spies" were arrested by the CCP at the request of Huawei, to get their Huawei CFO returned. Claims that Huawei isn't supported by the CCP-govt are completely false. This is obvious.

CCTV2 - Huawei CFO held for extradition to the US. Canadian actors paid to hold signs outside the courthouse. The signs were written in the same handwriting. The exact same words on the signs. Actors thought they would be extras for a music video for CA$150/2hrs. A reporter started asking questions of a few actors, the actors walked away, and weren't paid. One did answer, but had never heard of the extradition case.

So, if you are near China and do business, you can expect to be used, lied to, asked to give up trade secrets, then not get paid like those actors.

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Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad criticized a new U.S.-led economic grouping on Friday, saying it is intended to isolate China, and won't benefit regional economic growth without Beijing.

The new framework is more hopeful as it is likely to benefit regional economic growth WITHOUT Beijing.

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Reducing business with China is a good thing for all nations. When China was the focus of world investments they prospered and grew. Unfortunately they grew belligerent and aggressive and now want to change the system that gave them growth, and they want full control of all trade, making it go through China to keep them strong and make them the most powerful nation on the planet, that all nations must appease and follow all of Beijing's orders.

Most democracies do not want China in charge and calling the shots, as their autocracy greatly limits personal freedoms across the board. China is not trusted or respected and is incapable of doing the right thing. Very much like a religious leader and regime.

New trade initiatives and agreements that do not allow China to participate add to strengthening of other nations and limiting both the power and influence of China.

The world does not need a China that covets world leadership and forcing others to do it's bidding. The world needs a free and open China that is part of the global team and can contribute to the whole and not be afraid of criticism and admitting when it is wrong or has acted wrongly. No hiding the truth from it's citizens and the world. No "reeducation" camps for minorities. No attempts to directly control religion in China by having CCP designated church leadership.

This trade initiative is a positive step forward. Any objections are from pro Chinese who want to see the CCP as THE world leaders. I am certain the vast majority of the world do not want the CCP in charge of the planet or it's trade.

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Somehow Kishida won’t wear a mask but expects ‘foreigners’ to do so?

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You bet your buns. I wonder if the former PM will live long enough to see the day that Maylasia is incorporated as a new province of China. He's living in the past and disconnected from today's geopolitical and strategic events.

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Mahathir has never liked the U.S. and hates being out of the spotlight. Just mad because what he says is irrelevant to tbe world outside of Malaysia.

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More lies proven by the CCP. Seems Beijing leaders knew and supported China’s Xinjiang region Uighur detainees suffering in detention camps. Https://www.xinjiangpolicefiles.org/ has content showing images of 2,884 detainees, training images and Powerpoint documents for security drills, and speeches and directives from top government officials.

Xinjiang Police Files

Unprecedented evidence from internal police networks in China’s Xinjiang region proves prison-like nature of re-education camps, shows top Chinese leaders’ direct involvement in the mass internment campaign.

It is pretty clear why the CCP cannot be trusted. I'm tired of embarrassing the CCP. Can't they just stop lying already? They aren't good at it at all. There are always leaks, since it is clear that most Chinese citizens know not to trust their own govt. 1.3+ B people ruled by a few million zealots without any conscience. I feel very bad for normal Chinese who just want to live their lives.

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Much as we hate it, we need China. We're paying a price for all their lockdowns and it can only get worse for us if they should decide to stop trading with us. I know no one wants to hear that, but that's the reality

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Mahathir gone mad.

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LamillyToday  03:38 am JST

Much as we hate it, we need China

The often repeatedly bleated big fallacy. China needs the world far more than the world needs China.

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I wrote it already we all live in multipolar world and USA have to finally understandid that.they need to come back to reality and find out their own place on Earth.

days when there was just one and only USA as big bully and world boss is well over.

empire doing desperate moves before will be dismantled both internationally and economically.

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And they think they will be able to isolate China, they are so pathetic and naive..

US fear can be felt everywhere..

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Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, is no smarter/intelligent/in sighting than any other current or former leader of any country, including Japan, for that matter, any reasonable person in the world. Most do not speak their mind like PM MM, as they have obvious reason not to, they just quietly/with a false/half smile look, accept the hypocrisy, not yet. Only USA/Anglo Saxon countries? are in denial of the intelligence of the world.

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Tell American,they want get 10 of billion of cheap Chinese junk

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