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Ex-mayor who quit over verbal abuse and arson comments re-elected


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You'd have to vote for him...or he'd burn your house down.

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Seriously this country is going down slowly

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In a democracy, the people get what they deserve...

In a democracy, that is.

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He also told the public that he had started to study anger management.

This shouldn't fill anyone with optimism. He ought to be practising it, not studying it.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Maybe in Kansai the people with their “Doku-zetsu” humor prefer a go-get’er-done type, even if they are rough around the edges. In Kanto the easily offended would be screaming for blood.

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Look, people deserve second chance. So quick to burn at the stake everyone. His base obviously love him, his tearful acceptance speech was actually quite moving. He made a silly blunder, and paid. Put the pitchforks down folks. Go out and try and be a politician. Show us all how it’s done.

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If the people like him over other candidates, I think he deserves a second chance. What he said was obviously a joke and was said in a private situation where a degree of privacy and confidentiality would be expected.

If you think other politicians don’t have angry rants behind closed doors, I have a bridge for sale...

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A little confusing, but the people chose him, which seems fair enough to me. He gave them that choice, and they made it. Maybe he's a really awesome mayor who just said something stupid.

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 "waste of taxpayers' money,"

This says it best. What is the point of stepping down if you could run for re-election during the same term?

But I understand why he won. He started the free daycare policy for people in Akashi. Because of that, he started to attract more residents to Akashi from Kobe, Kakogawa, and Himeji areas. He is also building more daycares to compensate for the increased amount of residents.

While he had an a$$hole moment, he has done good for his community.

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What is the point of stepping down if you could run for re-election during the same term?

To confirm whether the people over and by whom you have been chosen to govern still have confidence in your ability to do so. In a situation like this, where he was found guilty of a crime, it only makes sense.

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Sad news for Japanese morals.

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To be fair, the full recording should be mentioned in the article. Yes, he indeed had an outburst, but right after that he calmed down, explained himself better and even said he would bow down and beg to people from said building if it was needed. The reason? They would be in danger because of the road construction.

The "verbally abused" city official himself confirms this, even saying he hasn't felt like he was abused, just that the mayor was really passionate about his job.

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Who the heck votes this idiot back in.... Japan is doomed.

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