Abe becomes head of largest faction in Japan's ruling party


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This is why Japan is heading into 3rd world status. No fresh faces, all old practices.

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Oh. Abe! I thought you were dead.

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@Tom Doley,

Couldn't agree more.

What is even more depressing is that they aren't even looking to the the future,hell they aren't even looking to the present or recent past.....they are all looking back to the 1920s/1930s.

Just to put the icing on the cake......they were all re-elected last year including those who lost their seats due to inadequate performance but got them back due to 'proportional representation' whatever that is.

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In what other job is it possible to fail and then return?

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LOL! There you go.... surprise surprise!

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"I would like to dedicate my best effort, together with all of you, in order to pass on to the next generation a Japan that we can be proud of," said Abe, who was Japan's longest-serving prime minister.


The Pikachu costume is being designed even as we speak….

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You know he is only coming back to try and send the 80 million Abe masks that are in storage out to people. He will find a way to infiltrate our post boxes and workplaces with his masks haha

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Wait! Does he have a ‘doctor’s note’ it’s okay to return to class ?

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Body language: Looks like Abe’s got a death-grip on that microphone.

“Former PM Shinzo Abe on Thurs became head of the largest faction within Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party upon his return to the intraparty bloc following a nine-year absence.”

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Not wearing one of your millions of left over masks Shinzo?

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Japan politics is nothing but the 'Gravy Train.'

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The current leadership and elite idolise the 1980's, Japan's glory days. But even these guys are nothing compared to their predecessors. Despite their backward worldview, petty corruption, Lockheed Marubeni and so on, at least the old guard had some modicum of competence and vision for the country.

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Abe. Really. Well, Japan does not want to be innovative anyway so this is par for the course.

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Fair play.

However,I wouldn't trust Abe at all.

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Democracy cannot be forced, but it can be disguised.

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Surprise surprise, exactly as I've said one year ago and many predicted. It is a common practice in Japan for a politician to disappear from the public eye for "health reasons", only to reappear after some time with great glory and holding some office.

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This is hardly a surprise as a news and not even really of any importance whatsoever.

Why is it not a surprise? Because since his "resignation" ("firing" by the 3 major factions being more like it, with in descending order of members: Hosoda, Aso and Nikai) have news outlets like Sankei and Yomiuri be more than trumpeting Abe heads this committee, Abe gives this speech, Abe's opinion on XX is YY, Abe this, Abe that with Sankei being, as usual, more than comically hysterical about their (disgraced) "champ".

Why is it not of any really importance?

First, if you want a comically (and ridiculously to boost) detailed account of the LDP's "convulsions" when it comes to factional cock(in)fighting, just have a look at this wiki-page on the family/history-tree of the various warring factions around mid-page.


Essentially, in a nutshell, the Hosoda-faction (the most conservative faction) was at one point back in its days called the "Abe (Shintaro)"-faction with Shintaro being Shinzo's daddy. Shintaro kicked the bucket back in 1991 with his faction switching over to somebody else while it would take another 2 years before Shinzo (who was daddy's secretary until then) gets his start at politics back in 1993.

Long story short, it would take Bocchan 30 years to be anything more than a "member" of his father's faction. In the meantime, not less than 4 other leaders (in 1991, 1998, 2006 and 2014) were heading the group with Hosoda being the latest and more powerful in the LDP-galaxy reigning in 95 lawmakers incl. the Shinz who was just a member as a lawmaker and an order-taker as the PM as Hosoda would have the most leverage on who would become PM (and for how long to remain so), Minister or anything else within the LDP for that matters.

The Shinz on the other hand would even struggle to reign in his 20 odd Ministers and keep himself out of trouble as we all could see for 9 years...

These are the facts. Now for what they're worth, my 2 cents.

Hosoda "steps down" (ahem, if you're ready to believe that a power-hungry old geezer would really let go his total grasp on J-politics) to (just) become Speaker of the House and pushed Abe as his replacement. Pretty much as he pushed Abe for PM-ship twice and pulled the rug under his feet twice as well.

Abe is nothing more than a sock-puppet, like all LDP PMs before him. Now his status changes to being a sock-puppet of a faction-leader.

The name Hosoda-faction is very present in the news but the man remains quasi-absent. During the pre-election circus cameras only caught his twice in news snippets literally entering meeting rooms and being visibly very uncomfortable before camera. But again, he is the guy ruling over 94 lawmakers. If he does not appear in the news, it is because that's how he wants it. On the other side, Bocchan just craves and loves the media attention. To remain in power and out of the limelight requires to be smart. Uttering nonsense of Trumpean proportions on Twitter just requires a notable absence of braincells. And those are my 2 cents: Abe is an imbecile, albeit (to Hosoda) a useful one.

Therefore, nothing will change. Abe will remain the twit in full view while Hosoda will continue to pull the strings...

Whenever Abe will be one stage clinching and raising his fist asking the 90+ members to follow him, these will just look over Bocchan's shoulder at Hosoda standing the back. If Hosoda nudges, they will clinch and raise their fists as well. If he doesn't move an eyebrow, they will just ignore the little noisy guy and go home.

Once a muppet, always a muppet.

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Tom DoleyToday  04:59 pm JST

This is why Japan is heading into 3rd world status. No fresh faces, all old practices.

Discrimination goes as far as using the word " 3rd world status"

What matters is how happy people are in a country isn't it? Those never get it

-10 ( +4 / -14 )

Excellent choice.

-9 ( +2 / -11 )

So he now found the remaining arrows and gives them to Kishida? Good. But what, if not…

4 ( +4 / -0 )

What a joke.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Three flaccid and limp arrows are ceremoniously given to Mr. Kishida.

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This is why Japan is heading into 3rd world status. No fresh faces, all old practices.

"Discrimination goes as far as using the word " 3rd world status"

What matters is how happy people are in a country isn't it? Those never get it"

Hakuna matata KennyG,

Just ask those vitriolic detractors when they're leaving such a "dump".

Then revel on the answers!

Well done Abe, a proper Japanese.

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nothing changes, so sad

2 ( +6 / -4 )

Nothing will change.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Biggest faction = biggest influence on policy.

With Kishida that looks like a clear return to the status quo, with Abe able to call the shots.

Am I right or am I right?

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"I would like to dedicate my best effort, together with all of you, in order to pass on to the next generation a Japan that we can be proud of," said Abe

The best way he could do that would be packing up all his stuff and retiring from politics.

To me it's clear what he's doing, he's working to get his brother into the PM job.

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Abe could be pulling the strings of the largest LDP faction for the next 20 years.

God help Japan.

The only hope is that the LDP will splinter and the younger less right wing generation will leave to help form a unified centrist party that could take power. Kono and Noda could lead the way.

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Abe is like a bad rash that just keeps on reappearing..

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Everyone was saying it, that Mr. Abe policies will return with Kishida's election, and there you have it we are back in Mr. Abe hands.

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Wonderful post and I agree 100%.

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Someone gotta use up the Abenomasku waste!

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Oops. Bad copy-paste.

Here's the wikipage with the LDP factions and their rocky history.


At mid-page, you have a ridiculous graph illustrating who split/merged/descended/ascended from whom. From the bottom 3 ones, the one on the right is the one the article refers to (now: 安倍(晋三)派). Starting with grand-daddy Kishi (岸派), with somewhere in the middle daddy Shintaro (安倍(晋太郎)派) and currently "ending" (until further change in management) with Bocchan.

No wonder these tossers don't manage the country. They're far too busy to create Powerpoint presentations of their effed up party...

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Some comments don't reflect reality or facts in Japan.

Mr. Abe was the longest serving PM.

Plaza Accord did more damage to Japans economy more then any other politician could ever do.

Revolving door of PM started after the Plaza Accord was sign when Japan was going downhill.

I force your country to sign its future away then I blame your politicians for quiting and not being able to succeed in an unfair environment.

A Big part of what's affecting Japan's stagnation, economy, way of life, is being ignored by foreigners. typical.

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Abe becomes head of largest faction in Japan's ruling party

“They keep pulling me back in!”

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No way was Abe going to go away when he suddenly disappeared behind the Kasumigaseki curtain to keep running the LDP syndicate with caretaker Kishida as kagemusha. The "return" of the boss cannot be considered an auspicious start for Japan's "New Capitalism" with the same old cronies still in charge and the day of karmic reckoning for Abe's run of impunity drawing nigh as he audaciously overstays his welcome.

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Golly Wally, I'm so surprised...

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Okay so lots of people complaining about Abe having control of a single faction but who is really in charge of Japan?

Is it the Japanese politicians or international financiers like the Prince of Yen shows?


What do you want? International financiers in charge like America?

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Great news! It's always nice to see Asian countries having a consistent and stable leadership, I wish Mr. Abe the best. Hopefully this will bring about continued political stability for Japan, just like how things are in Singapore, India and China (even with all the ruckus they're making in Asia, you'd have to give them credit for keeping their nation one).

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No wonder Japan leaders are rudderless

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Well done Abe, a proper Japanese.

? A proper Japanese what?

Mask? No.

Good person? No.

Honest man? No.

Fossil? Yeah, ok.

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Great news for Japan and Asia! It's nice to see stable and consistent faces in charge. Hopefully this can ensure Japan's continued political stability.

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so Abe is still in charge then....

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How is the Plaza Accord relevant now? Its been 30 years since then. What is J-gov doing to adress the problems of of today (ageing population, low birth rate, increase in low paying temporary jobs etc).

At least there is some good news coming out of Korea.


-2 ( +0 / -2 )

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