Ex-PM Hatoyama defies Tokyo and visits Crimea


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What a buffoon!

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As he has proven in the past, Hatoyama is a nut case ... What more can be said ... ??

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His mother is an extremely wealthy woman so he is, funded by his mom to be the PM of Japan

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Geez, what's with all the opposition politicians undermining the country's leadership these days. First it was the US Republican senators sending a condescending, treasonous warning letter to Iran and now this. Ridiculous.

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What a buffoon all right. Who other than journalists sit down one day and say, "lets visit some conflict zone and see how the people are doing?" What is next? Hatoyama visits ISIS?

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His familu is known for their scholastic achievement, DPj. One member decided to be in politics. His research mind does not trust Abe Govt report so he has to see by himslelf. One thing, I don;t think he will have donation scahdal.

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Ex-PM Hatoyama defies Tokyo and visits Crimea

...honorarium likely very, very high.

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Fight the power Hatoyama

Stick it to the man and do your own thing.

Don't let the Ojisans in the J-Gov tell you where you can and can't travel, especially as a private citizen.

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Hatoyama at it again! That guy never seems to notice that it's best for anyone if he retires from politics. He's meddling in dirt wherever he goes. Seems he has nothing else to do. What an idiot!

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I prefer Hatoyama to Abe. At least Hatoyama didn't violate the Constitution, insult comfort women or try to put Japan on a war footing. Going to Crimea is not like visiting ISIS, or Saudi Arabia. The Crimean people are chopping off heads. Maybe drinking to much.

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Right, Hatoyama would have made Japan another underdog of China. But he couldn't even come to that, after his messy, empty promise to resolve the Futenma base issue he just decided to quit his job. Now this rich stinker is just out to mess around in politics to make it more difficult for his rivals.

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Where can one see this Waist size story?

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Jessica Marie" Where can one see this Waist size story?

News clip in Japanese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUTHkEWo96Q

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Lots of personal attacks on Hatoyama. Meaning people have nothing intelligent to say. Yes, he is rich. So is Abe. He is now a private citizen and has nothing to do with foreign policy.

Another thing, Crimea is not off limits for tourists, It is not North Korea. At my last reading the U.S. State Department is not telling people not to go to Crimea. The are telling people not to go to Ukraine and parts of Russia bordering Ukraine. Crimea is not a war zone.

While a three day visit is not time enough to know how happy the Crimeans, you can be sure they are happy not to be involved in Ukraine's civil war.

Pardon my typo. The Crimeans are NOT cutting of people's heads.

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