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Ex-PMs of UK, Australia, Belgium urge tough action on China


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The exes were mutes when they were in office.

Now their voices are no longer heard! Lol!

These da-kine’ exes are now excess luggage!

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Peter14,it will have consequences for you, American economy is roaring like a lion,even the Fed cannot stop it with speed bump,do not try too lump your insecurities with the rest of the world,they will only fall on deaf ears

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tougher international approach to China to reduce the possibility of war over Taiwan

Taiwan supplies 60% of the world's semiconductors and 92% of the world's most advanced chips and that's why it's 'Silicon Shield' ensures that the US will come to its aid if China tries to invade.

Ironically, what's causing unease in Taipei is not China's rhetoric but the US pressure on TSMC to diversify its manufacturing operations.

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Liz Truss, the voice of reasoning, the beacon of longevity!

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I’ll call you out on that comment, care to elaborate?

At the end of the day it’s a forum and they are free to discuss whatever. I’d like peace in the world, the region around Taiwan is a concern at the moment.

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Mistrust has the honour of being PM for the shortest time, less than three months. She qualifies in name only.

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Truss also called for the use of economic power “for the good of freedom and democracy” and urged the Group of Seven nations and their allies to act as an economic version of NATO.

That kind of NATO that destroy each others' pipelines in order to serve the interests of their corporates while putting their citizen in despair? No thank you!

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Pathetic bunch of losers..

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For all the snide comments on the people, their suggestions make sense. That bothers the Pro Chinese more than anything else and is why they attack the people and ignore debating their recommendations.

China is a danger to Taiwan and the region, that is a well understood fact. A chinese military attempt to take over Taiwan will have consequences for the world, much like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but for different reasons. It will not be food related.

China must be "encouraged" to not attack Taiwan, and it must know that doing so would draw significant retribution from many nations from sanctions, to boycotts to military assistance and even intervention. That would not be good for anyone, least of all Taiwan and China.

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The Lettuce is speaking!

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look at those two washups

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So they invite laughable failures like Scotty "from Marketing" Morrison and Lizz "the shortest serving PM in UK history" Truss - this is beyond satire now.

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These three countries have a history of human rights abuse and war crimes.

...whereas China has a present of human rights abuses.

So yeah, I'm more concerned with what's currently going on, than old behaviors that have been stopped.

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These three countries have a history of human rights abuse and war crimes.

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She is a fighter not a quiter,Liz is still fighting on her way back to Downing street no.10. Keep that rhetoric alive, Britian needs you and your tax cut very much.

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Do exactly the opposite of anything Liz Truss suggests and you will be fine.

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Boris Johnson gung-ho for escalation in Ukraine and Liz Truss gung ho for war with China.

These are both backbench MPs. Doesn't the UK have a foreign secretary to represent its interests? How many foreign policy advisors told Liz Truss to say these things. This is all very irresponsible.

(when Liz Truss was foreign secretary, apparently all she did was drive around doing photoshoots for her Instagram).

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Well, one thing we can all agree on 49 days a PM of the UK does NOT qualify Ms. Truss to discuss or even comment on International affairs.

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Failures Truss, Morrison and some Belgian guy. Not exactly the heavy hitters the region needs to speak out against China.

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Discuss the ideas proposed not the people proposing them. You just might be listened to otherwise not.

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Once the ideas have been thrown out to the public square you attack the ideas if you don’t like it not the person. If all you have is Ad hominem attacks then you don’t deserve to be listened to. It’s the battle of ideas you mugs, not the battle of people!

What in particular did you disagree with what up they they had to say? That’s a discussion.

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A dronefest of losers

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Union of losers and angry Europeans, not a good thing for post Covid world. China is the quickest recovering country that will change the world. Hey Liz, do you remember Mike Pompeo and Chris Patten (Last governor of Hong Kong), they were interested to join you!

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I don’t think Liz Truss counts for much. In fact , she brought down the standard of the conference. Just her attendance was damaging.

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Any forum that allows Liz Truss an opinion instantly becomes a joke.

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The famous coalitions that plundered Iraq, bombed Afghanistan, and sacked Libya.

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