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Myanmar junta fires 2 diplomats in Tokyo for opposing coup, violence


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and firing these brave people is called the dictatorship

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Japanese companies have far too many economic fingers in Burmese pies for the government to start a campaign against Myanmar.

Whilst many countries don’t and have not forgeries links. Japan has been (for many years) a major foreign player there.

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Always believed the UK and other democracies should have refused to recognise the Junta and any of it’s diplomats, the elected government should still be the recognised government and the junta diplomats should be barred from the country or deported as illegal immigrants. The existing anti junta diplomats should be the only recognised Myanmar diplomats.

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I think there surely is an UN convention about handling such cases, people without citizenship, passport , asylum seekers, withdrawn diplomatic status and all such. But I am surely not reading all those documents now. That’s not part of my job. lol

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r like Wishma the Sri Lankan lady who was murdered by the Japanese immigration authority.

You have proof?

i think they will go to Thailand or India. They are rich for Burmese standards.

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The two started boycotting their duties at the embassy when they announced

Regardless of the coup and the current illegitimate military Government, I believe that these two diplomats shouldn’t have boycotted their duties. They had a sense of responsibility to the Myanmar’s living in Japan and they should have continued with their duties. They could have helped more people this way instead of boycotting their duties!

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The junta has applied for diplomatic visas for military-appointed replacements for Aung Soe Moe, 51, a first secretary, and a 27-year-old second secretary, who wishes to remain anonymous, according to the sources.

The Japanese government should refuse visas for the two military-appointed diplomats. That would be a very effective way of expressing this country's opposition to the martial law regime, which came to power in an illegitimate coup d'etat.

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I guess they don’t work for Kirin or Nissan.

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Since going back to Myanmar is obviously dangerous for then,will they get refugee status or will they be deported?Or will they end up in an immigration detention center like Wishma the Sri Lankan lady who was murdered by the Japanese immigration authority.

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