What's in Biden's proposed new Asia trade pact?


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To answer the question in the headline, 'Nothing'.

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Bidens master plan to exclude Taiwan but militarily intervene of China's unification by supplies of weapons to Taiwan - thus further instigating a conflict between the ROC and the PRC and hoping the USA will come out on top.

Bamboozle the world into believing the great plan of freedom for all.

Very similar to what has happened to Ukraine recently.

Building back a better world by making sure the USA is on top by the demise of other nations.

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Geopolitical destabilisation is America's meal ticket.

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Asian NATO anybody?

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AMERICA always has a plan.

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We don't need any more trade pacts. The US should apply to join the CPTPP. Beneath their dignity I suppose, even though they were a founding member under Obama.

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That's still to be figured out.

I guess that sums up the article as well as Joe presidency.

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Any trade pact in the region that excludes Communist China is a good one in my mind. My only criticism is that Taiwan is not yet included. Hopefully in coming years Taiwan will be invited to sign on.

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Asian NATO anybody?

NATO is a military collective defense pact.

The newly started IPEF is a trade pact.

Big difference.

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Thanks to Trudeau, Canada seems to not be included.

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