Gov't to launch bureau to boost Japan's food exports


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With food prices amongst the highest in the world, how on earth can Japan justify exporting it?

Another illogical move by people here....

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Already discussion in the international community about bans on Japanese food because of the release of immense amounts of radioactive water into the sea in Fukushima.

not good timing.

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Other than wagyu, what other incredibly high-priced food products will be competitive in the rest of the world? They must plan on only niche items like Japanese strawberries, melons and apples sold to the uber-rich in Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong (and maybe the Kim family in DPRK.) More money will be spent on these bureaucratic efforts than will be regained in revenue.

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Suga is putting an emphasis on farm exports as a way to revitalize regional economies.

Wait! wasn't Mr. Suga from a strawberry growing family? And his village area is really depressed now. So this is a way to steer funding back into his constituency.

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There you go. A central government led effort to bring great success to Japan’s regions. Why hasn’t it been done with great success already?

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The first thing needed for success in exporting food is to bring the prices way down to compete with other high quality, high volume growers. Unless it is food only able to grow in Japan, the markets will not pay super high prices for square watermelons or a single perfect looking strawberry. Many countries are less fussy about perfect looking fruits and vegetables but more about delicious taste that can be afforded week in and week out. That would mean changing the way many current farmers operate in Japan. Good luck though.

A good export would be to set up stalls at railway stations around the world where there is long distance rail travel and export fresh ekiben's. I found those things addictive when I was in Japan. Thats a good food export that highlights foods of different regions and seasons of Japan and it is affordable.

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