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Fate of Kyoto Protocol key issue at climate talks


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I do hope we can combat global warming asap!

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I've been to Kyoto...but I missed seeing the protocol. It wasn't marked on the tourist maps.

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And whats with this warming talk, news reports saying a VERY COLD winter approching. Which is is. Or is it just warm in Kyoto?

Also, I saw Gore fueling up his private jet so he can start doing his stupid climate model demos.

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And the cows, those damn farting cows. If Kobe would just get rid of the wagyu cows we might be closer to the target? That is close to Kyoto, right?

And I am still trying to get my head around one point (well more but only one for here, lest I offend too many). Jus twho brought the earth out of the last global warming, then cooling then warming........

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Don't forget to add Mr. Gore's two 10-room mansions to his carbon footprint.

Hot or cold, rain or dry, cloudy or clear, the warmists blame everything and anything on carbon. There's no point in discussing science with them.

"Best case scenario" would be for all these snobby politicians to stop flying across the globe in private jets eating caviar telling the rest of us how to live.

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