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Finance leaders to discuss global economic threats


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These so-called "finance leaders" and the politicians who sponsor them are the greatest threat to global economics.

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The real threat is that of giant corporations on social justice, democratic processes, environmental safety and posterity. The "financial leaders" and bought-off politicians are their henchmen.

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India’s cooling economy will grow 4.9%,


That's the problem with these economist and policy analyst. They, like the Keynesians view the economy not as a sort of bio sphere that must not be tampered with and self-regulating, but rather as some kind of machine or Frankenstein like monster that can be "fixed" or brought back to life.

It's like some kind of internal combustion engine to them where if it's cooling down then they must "pump-prime" fuel (liquidity) to get a "boost, kick start up".

If viewed like some kind of artificial monster like Frankenstein then "we" must bring out the defibrillator to give the economy a "positive-shock" (liquidity). Once that fails, then "we" must bring out the big needles and "inject" (liquidity) into the economies veins for a "kick-start". Once that fails then we must "stimulate"(yet more liquidity) because the injection "was not enough". This in their minds will lead to a (Frankenstein wakes up) "roaring-recovery".

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If i am happy i have all and do not need to innovate. Developed countries have all and do not need more innovation with mean development. If you do not develop yourself you do not need innovation of nike for example.

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Europe's doing fine, not a problem in sight. 20% unemployment on average. Spain's youth nearly at 50%, more expected to follow. The coming ftt will probably chase more big money out. London will ofcourse not follow here since it is, well, London, 'the' exchange of Europe, they'd be stupid to go along with that. Net result the uk's raw horsepower will not be joining Europe yet again and big money will find a way to do transactions elsewhere. Small fry got to pay yearly income on what they earn plus now a little extra on every breath they take. All countries refuse to give up sovereignty so it's in fact a political deadlock. Merkel doesnt want to put the relatively strong economy of Germany at risk to bail out the others without strong warrantee, and who could blame her for that. In the pacific the major players are on the brink of a shooting war and i see the CIA does it's best to 'aid' the public opinion in favour of the american base there. Who the hell elects all these people? i'm sure it wasn't me

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"No major solutions are expected to emerge from the Tokyo talks"..."The leaders are ... likely to warn nations that action is urgently needed to avoid a global disaster."

Actions from whom? Then, take the action, leaders, goddamit, instead of "Many Great Talks, which China missed" without major solutions.

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China obediently acted right after the global meltdown of 2008 at great detriment to its own fiscal health and what is the point? The G8 simply glossed over their problems and China is further vilified and alienated.

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