Abe's cabinet reshuffle unlikely to give much-needed poll boost

By Satoshi Iizuka

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Those costumes are so old nobody else in the world wears them anymore. I might as well be looking at some exhibit at Madame Tussaud's.

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I see he did manage to begrudgingly add a token woman to a post

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5:7 odds the new foreign minister is the first to have a foot-in-mouth moment and be forced to quit

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5:7 odds nah 1:1, and more to come, as Pukey2 said what's with the Penguins costumes. They all have several photos in this get up at home. Some of them were PM in past shots.

Regugitated failures

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Dango bongToday  08:19 am JST

"I see he did manage to begrudgingly add a token woman to a post"

There are two women in the new cabinet.

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"I see he did manage to begrudgingly add a token woman to a post"

There are two women in the new cabinet.

Yep, Abe,s womenomics is on a roll.............2 !

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Deckchairs.  Titanic.  He has achieved so little.  time for change (??!!).

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if anybody has info on how many newies are members of nippon kaigi, i would be very very interested.

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May I suggest Japan has a dress code similar to Great Britain,I do approve....Morning dress but the without toppers would be disconcerting... I know snobbery will be my downfall.


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I see he did manage to begrudgingly add a token woman to a post

Any other quotas that the new cabinet failed to meet that you feel the need to inform us about?

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Fittingly the clothes match the attitudes: stuck in the Meiji era.

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Not much if any will change, give or take 20 or 30 years, but I could be wrong.

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Of COURSE it's not going to give them a boost. Musical chairs with the same players all the time will only result in the exact same policies, etc. Sprinkling water on a dry turd not only doesn't make it not a turd, but only ensures it'll be less dry for a few minutes before drying out again.

What they need are new, QUALIFIED people, with good ideas. How many reshuffles for Abe now in an attempt to boost popularity? I see the token woman is present.

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How about RESHUFFLING some of the ridiculous policies for some that actually benefits the citizens of Japan.

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" I see the token woman is present."

Which of the two do you consider to be the token?

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It's like which minister would be much more muppet than puppet, at this moment!

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How old school photo !

"Embrace the past"

2 out 24 are women.

Remember a "No change" move is a change for Japan.

What do you want to happen from old people who have no kids, whose elders are nearly all politicians and stuck in Tokyo only ?

I feel pity for some Japanese I know for their career.

Let some new blood flow in from different and more open minded persons, like latest Tokyo Governor perhaps.

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