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Abe's election gamble may pay off as N Korea crisis gives him tailwind

By Satoshi Iizuka

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Gets old pretty quick hearing all these experts shooting off their mouths.

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Escalating North Korean threats also come at an opportune time for Abe

Timing is critically important in a lot of things including politics.

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yeah anyone can give the orders in a crisis. The question remains Abe's motives to use fear as a means to remove Article 9 that allows for Japan to rearm itself. Japan is already an arms dealer now thanks to Abe. Only war mongers want the next shoe to drop. I hope Japanese want to stop that as well as his personal corruption goals

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Agree Yubaru....they just want their 5 seconds of media fame with their " expert opinion.".

" Koike has already lost momentum". What a twit, if Koike has lost monentum, then the LDP never had any.

Btw...Abe said he wants to win public trust in the upcoming election to push "powerful" diplomacy, pledging to "take firm responses against North Korea, along with the international society.

Which involves what....putting on a more stern look and declaring NK launches as " absolutely, definately unacceptable instead of " totally unacceptable in his media briefings ? If the Jpublic swallows that, then they trully have no hope.

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Weak Abe, keeping the population scared to stay in power.

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"Koike has already lost momentum. She won in Tokyo, but the same thing will not happen in other parts of Japan," said Kyoto Seika's Shirai.

With the general public here being so fearful, with the memory of a goldfish and a 'shouganai' attitude - I'm afraid that may be so. Important to factor in all the government controlled media brainwashing. The LDP has their greasy cards rigged in their favor.

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Despite rebounding approval ratings for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after being mired in cronyism scandals, some analysts think his decision to call a general election on Oct 22 is a gamble.

I don't really see this as a gamble at all. Abe knows he is unpopular. He knows he is corrupt. He knows the public wants him out. He's calling the election now because this is the only chance at all that he has to win.  At any other time before the NK crisis or after it subsides, the public are going to be happy to grab him by the scarf of the neck and kick his butt out Tom&Jerry Style. So he knows that if he doesn't call the election NOW, he won't have a prayer later. Hardly a gamble for him. Rather his last chance to stay in office and do as much damage as he can. The question is: how much is public really sick of him? Is the public scared enough to vote him in one more time? I really hope not. And having him in power doesn't protect us any more from NK's missiles.

may pay off if his tough line on North Korea gives the premier, seen as strong on security, a tailwind as tensions over the reclusive state continue to build.

Oh please! How has he been tough on NK? All he's done is protest when they fire missiles at us. ANY idiot can do THAT. What has he done in response to the crisis to separate him from other PMs in his place? NOTHING.

Koike has already lost momentum. She won in Tokyo, but the same thing will not happen in other parts of Japan," said Kyoto Seika's Shirai.

Yeah sure Shirai. Keep saying that. What are you, Abe's campaign manager? Koike is popular everywhere. AT LEAST more so than Abe.

To make sure he capitalizes on the disarray of the main opposition Democratic Party and a lack of preparation by the new political group closely linked to the popular Tokyo governor, Abe has come up with other election pledges targeted at those less interested in security issues to satisfy public outcry over pressing domestic issues.

Yep. More pledges. That's our Abe. Patron SAINT of pledges...

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Sheeple politik...

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Wrong game Mr. Abe(Super Mario)... Now is Koike (Pokemon Go!)

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If you live in the countryside, you only have one tv station. NHK. Google the tv controller and LDP, and you will be so happy that friends can get together and help each other to change the constitution and continue amukari system.

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Abe is a known quantity, however poor a leader he might be. And Japanese may vote for the LDP (the voters don't choose the prime minister, the ruling party does) because they are afraid to risk making a change. The DPJ is no less incompetent than the LDP, and is even worse in regards to it's free-spending ways.

The LDP (and Abe) will continue to remain in power so long as rural voters have three votes per person, and the LDP can continue to buy their votes via heavy agricultural subsidies paid for by Japan's astronomical food import tariffs.

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Japan must push for peace,not pressure.

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