Abe puts N Korea fears above 'comfort women' dispute to attend Winter Olympics


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How many apologies does South Korea need?

So a fresh one is going to make everything alright?

By the way, a lot of those so-called comfort women were not forced into prostitution.

By the way, some comfort women lied to the UN and said they were forced when they were not.

By the way, Osaka nixed their sister-city relationship with San Fran for similar statues on public land.

Let's not forget Asahi shinbun's retraction of their several articles based on a lie that started the comfort women issue.

I'd rather Abe didn't go but it was a tough decision.

I support it.

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it is a matter of priority... not personal choices or politics...

and... the media reports are automatically "biased" by the reporter, the editor and the money behind any media... all news are "automatically" edited by opinionated people...

here... the priority is the Japanese nation, its people, not some foreign country and their priorities...

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this will be interesting. while japanese are overworked shy sheep, South Koreans are very vocal and not scared of a riot or two.

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"At the time, Abe also expressed "his most sincere apologies and remorse" to the victims."

How can anyone think that that isn't somehow an apology? Time to move on SK.

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Translation: Abe is hyping the overblown North Korean "threat" so he can avoid his and his country's moral responsibility for wartime sexual slavery.

Kabukilover, Are you kidding me?

Any nation that disregards the sovereignty of another's airspace by shooting experimental ballistic missiles of questionable reliability and quality over populated areas with no regards for citizens safety or lives is could hardly be called unthreatening. Especially when they have said they will happily wipe your country off the face of the Earth! Abe has every right to be worried about his country and its safety!

The comfort women issue is nothing but a desperate money grabbing publicity exercise by Moon and his government to distract its own population away from its own burgeoning domestic issues.

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Abe is thinking about 2020 so he's no choice but to go to Pyeongchang.

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Why must tax payers, who weren't even bored at the time, continue to pay for something that happened over 75 years ago. Politicians, please resolve this issue. I'm getting sick of this issue. Put it to bed once and for all!

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Translation: Abe is hyping the overblown North Korean "threat" so he can avoid his and his country's moral responsibility for wartime sexual slavery.

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