Biden trip to Asia to signal U.S. keeping its eye on China

By Miya Tanaka

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Someone please let him know that current actual conflict is in Ukraine right now not in Asia.

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This guy will not make any good result for Japan. He is just a walking toy ...

Taiwan and Japan better make own nukes and protect ourselves . Who is going to trust the words of this Mentally incapacitated and physically weak and old guy....

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Visiting friends is always good.

He will ignore NK.

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No. It's not a signal. He is just visiting Asia.

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So people don’t think that the “Leader of the free world” visiting sends a signal to the region? He is the President and for that alone domestic party petty politics should not be an issue. A man capable of killing everyone at your party turns up! You should sit down shut up and hope he is in a good mood.

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As much as I dislike Biden and the Democrats, this is a good move.

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Japan will only get drawn into other countries conflicts because it can't mind it's own business.

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There isn't a free world.

Or a world leader.

Your a dreamer

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Biden doesn't care about Japan, he ignored several invitations from Japan. Pentagon is the only one American Agency that "concerns" a little bit about Japan because they know that America's real enemy is China, not Russia.

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Biden trip to Asia to signal US keeping its eye on China:

No need to make it that clear, it has been so obvious.

The world already knew his intention in early 2001. Nevertheless, his unwelcome scheme has failed repeatedly a few times.

Now he decides to try to entice China's Asian neighbors to go against Beijing personally..

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@Michael Machida

He is just visiting Asia.

It's not that. Biden is visiting Korea first to demand the supply of Korean missiles to Ukraine, which is raising a lot of contentions within Korea.

The US is running low on Stinger and Javelin missiles and resuming production has a long lead time meaning new production wouldn't be delivered until next year.

So Biden is visiting Korea to demand the shipment of Raybolt and Shingung missiles, the only missiles comparable to US ones still available in large quantity. Zelenskyy asked for them by name but Koreans rejected in March. Now Biden is coming to ask for them as well.

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Biden just sent another $40 billion to Ukraine to keep the Russia “war” alive as long as possible. China doing its part already cutting off supply chains. Things going according to plan for Team Biden.

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Please Landing Air Force One in Narita or Haneda, ok? Show us that Japan is indeed a sovereign country, LOL.

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Every sovereign country in the world has a right to decide for themselves their direction/what is beneficial for them. Be consistence with what you say or do. No hypocrisy/double standard, perhaps, people will take you seriously/listen to you. IE, sincere in your words/actions, IE, no hidden agendas, in the guise of meetings for various rubbish purposes. People in the world are no fools. Eg, you closed your embassy in a particular country for more than 20 years, IE, no interest in them. Out of a sudden, you show care/open your embassy again, all because your competition is moving in.

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Joe gonna have a spy glass looking at China, "I see you guys over there, got any more investment deals for me?"

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One of the current conflicts may be in Ukraine but however Russia is also part of Asia as is China and they are allies.

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Team America World Police still at it.

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they know that America's real enemy is China, not Russia.

Japanese direct investment in the US greatly exceeds that of China. Trade and investment between China and the US is only about 2-3% of the US economy and in the last few years China has severely restricted the ability of their private entrepreneurs to invest abroad. The US has also prohibited Chinese firms from buying US tech start ups to prevent the Chinese from simply buying the tech they have no intellectual ability to develop in China. China's economic impact on the US is nowhere near as great as nations like UK, Canada, Netherlands and Japan. Toyota has a dozen auto plants in the US, Honda has another. No Chinese company builds cars in the US. BMW builds cars in the US for export to China.

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Team America World Police still at it

So would you prefer Japan stands alone and unprotected against Chinese territorial aggression? And what do you think happens to Taiwan absent US protection? I will give you an example, South Korea in 1949-50. The US withdrew their combat forces from the country. The war was over, South Korea was a victim of the war so no reason to occupy it. The US was tired of war and had largely demobilized. Soldiers were discharged, ships mothballed, air bases closed and aircraft sent to bone yards in the deserts of the southwest or used as targets. And guess what, those peace loving North Koreans with those equally peace loving Soviets at their back invaded South Korea. The US had about 500 trainers in South Korea and the South Koreans have very little in the way of an army, and essentially no combat air force. The Norks had a couple of thousand of the most modern Soviet tanks and the most modern Soviet fighters, along with Soviet Frontal Aviation flying their own MiGs backing them up. The Norks pushed the South Koreans all the way back to the very tip of the Korean Peninsula. That's what happens when the US doesn't keep strong forces forward deployed. Make a choice but choose wisely. China covets Japanese territory in the Ryukyus including Okinawa and would be quite happy to level the rest of Japan with airpower and missiles in retribution for the horrors the IJA inflicted on them.

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So Biden is visiting Korea to demand the shipment of Raybolt and Shingung missiles, the only missiles comparable to US ones still available in large quantity.

Asking, even pleading, is not the same as demanding. Every relationship is not one of dominance and submission. South Korea so far has done nothing to help Ukraine. Sweden with a fraction of South Korea's population and GDP has given Ukraine literally thousands of anti tank missiles. South Korea needs to step up and do their part. Nations of the free world came to their aid in 1950. What goes around comes around.

The US is running low on Stinger and Javelin missiles and resuming production has a long lead time meaning new production wouldn't be delivered until next year.

There is a little more to it than that. Ramping up Javelin production is happening right now. That is a done deal. But in the case of Stinger it is in the process of being replaced. Stinger is a 40+ year old system. While it was superior to anything else anybody had for a long time and its superiority maintained through major upgrades to the seeker, that superiority has been narrowed in recent years. It's replacement is being tested but is not yet in production. The new weapon was going to be built in the old Stinger production line facility. Re-starting Stinger production would force the construction of a new facility to build the new missile, at great expense, and delay introduction of the new missile. So now it boils down to how quickly can this new missile be fielded, can it be done so in time to maintain war reserve inventories or do we push off introducing the new missile to build more Stingers? No beauty queens in this pageant!

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Biden and his democrats were going to lose the coming mid term, he goes to Asia is a political gesturing. America's inflation us soaring and Biden is worst than Carter solving problems of both domestic and global........

Dont take him seriously!

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