China intrigued by role of Japan's new minister for economic security

By Tomoyuki Tachikawa

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China, Japan and Korea must be more united, be true allies, strengthen East Asia and eliminate the sick interventionist influence of the US.

In the words of Color me Badd-

Dream on Dream away...Yeah

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Japan will soon be friends with China just like the old days before the industrial revolution. If China can just be less mean and scary they would have more friends.

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If Japan paid "serious attention" to a Chinese ministerial appointment it would be viewed as interfering with China's internal security.

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Would be an interesting sight, Japan needs to balance its power and uses China against the US and vice versa.

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@Septim Dynasty

Unfortunately you are completely right!

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This is not good for Japan. It's merely a matter of time that China will get Taiwan back, and the US drags Japan into a confrontational stance against China. If China annexed Taiwan one day, then its economic retaliation against Japan will result in a naval blockade in Taiwan straight. The economic damages will be enormous, and the US does not give a damn as long as their corporations rack huge profits in China.


Recently, the US and EU make a huge push in EV, and they did not halt under the request from Toyota and Japanese automakers. In the EV world, China will dominate the globe as it does with solar panels. This is already a sign that the US begins neglecting Japan's role in the global economy. The Yanks have already found alternative high-tech manufacturers in China, ASEAN, India. Japan will be abandoned by the US, economically and politically but not militarily.

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China is rising and the US is falling. Join the rising star! Several sectors of Chinese tech greatly surpass those of the US. And that market of 1.4 billion people. China is the future and Japan has to join the future, not the past. Joining with China means you can also influence what China does.

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History shows us that giving in to the demands of a dictatorship is a slippery slope that inevitably leads to war. Better to take a stand now, when Japan is still strong enough to say "No," and make it stick. Standing up to China now may be the best way to avoid a war in the future.

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We are all intrigued by this new minister’s responsibility, what will Toyota, Mitsubishi tell him, Nippon Kaigie tell them to say?

Do not forget Shinsei, TEPCO, Dentsu, and NISSAN!

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They are wondering if this is another person that they will need to spy on, blackmail or pay off. They also are wondering how incompetent and ill-prepared the person will be. Competent people do not get elected in Japanese politics. We saw that with Kono. Only connected people who will maintain the status quo will. We saw who will become the Prime Minister and who Abe supported in the election race before the the national election.

China is far more capable and prepared for a COLD WAR than Japan.

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They are trying to find a new way of talking that will allow them to achieve their goals without backlash from the internatiomal community. The snake has 2 heads.

Judge china on it's actions alone.

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We are all intrigued by this new minister’s responsibility, what will Toyota, Mitsubishi tell him, Nippon Kaigie tell them to say?

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It is China and China alone that is advancing conflict with many of it's neighbors. In turn that has forced many countries to take responsive action in various forms. China can be "intrigued" all it wants.

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Taiwan, whose tensions with mainland China have been escalating …

China and Taiwan have been governed separately since they split in 1949 as a result of a civil war.

Conflict is unfortunately on the horizon — perhaps sometime after the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics?

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