Election year puts Kishida's ability to deliver in focus

By Sayo Sasaki

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".....whether he is really achieving things he pledged...."

Here we go again. Didn't we have too many pedges already in the past?

And this (again):

"......Kishida vowed to achieve inclusive growth....."

Another vow with little to no results.

I'm afraid not too much will change to the positive for the plebs.

All had, all seen with previous administrations.

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hahaha, just a different face on the same body, nothing will change until they vote the LDP out of office

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What stops Japanese politicians from raising the minimum wage?

Doing so, would uplift millions.

They really are a pathetic bunch up in Tokyo.

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In a recent speech on the pledge, Kishida vowed to achieve inclusive growth by first raising the state-decided wages of care workers before going after other goals including encouraging private investment in the fields of climate change and digitalization.

The raise for the care workers was already announced to be paltry and by encouraging private investment that means more corporate subsidies for big business with few appreciable results beyond rising stock portfolios.

That "new capitalism" mask predictably slipped off real fast to reveal the "Abenomics" ghostface.

Kishida is just following Abe's recent public comments with some virtue signaling to the struggling public about socialist ideals.

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Raising wages and raising prices and forcing the elderly to work longer before retirement is only a temporary solution .

If he really wants the support of the younger generation then kishida will need to pay attention to western influences of culture and the decriminalization of recreational cannabis.

But please no guns.

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safely navigated a general election in 2021

With only about 56% total voter turnout results are not surprising. LDP love low turnout as they have a strong base who will automatically vote for them so they actually don't want anybody else to vote.

Opposition party needs to focus on getting people to turn up to vote there needs to be a wider push by them to educate people why it is important to vote and what their vote does and doesn't do. Most of the Japanese people I talked to (about the political situation) think that sustaining from voting is a vote against LDP.

A quick message to opposition parties what you need to do is start a campaign to get allegeable voters to actually vote. use a loop hole and don't mention your party just get out and convince people to turn up to vote.

It isn't an election campaign if you are not asking for voters to vote for you. just educate voters to vote.

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It’s funny, ever since Kishida took over, all I’ve been hearing about is Abe.

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New government please. Not the same old ldp rubbish. Japan has lost so much respect and credibility from the west and will continue unless the government changes.

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narrowing the gap between rich and poor is easier said then done... you need to first change the culture of corporations... the corp fat cats (the grumpy old japanese men with their dinosaur mentality) on high wages are sucking the profits dry... until the j corps are willing to fire these dead weight thats when they have budget to increase wages for the more needy (i.e. temp staff).... this will also help corps be more innovative as they fill the senior roles with more younger blood...

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Well, at one moment Kishida (or any other leader in Japan or elsewhere for that matters) needs to "deliver" and that is where things have been failing again and again and again in Japan...Urges, calls, appeals, promises, heck, possibly even with some genuinely meant but deliveries: none, absolutely none and especially none in the public interest!

Me doubts that Kishida will last that long...Not with all these promises...and flip-flopping...

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Kono would have been the better PM. This Kishida is worse than Suga.

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The guy from Hiroshima who has been finally throned to the LDP kingdom has only one challenge.

How to lie through the next couple of years until they find his replacement.

As sad as it is….

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It’s just historically converging, the first days of that new capitalism already quite look like the last days of socialism. Gap of behavior and income between the top elite and the masses, delivery and supply problems, lack of innovation, people widely depressed seeing not much future or better days, and so on. Astonishingly there are already quite some parallels to the late 80’s behind the iron curtain, frankly speaking. Without a fast and really substantial turnaround this will end fairly soon in a systemic disaster comparable to that of those former days some decades ago there. And personally I still don’t know what comes next, if that turnaround fails, maybe a violent surveillance capitalism or the Chinese new Mao style dictatorship adapted to the West… Let’s hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst!

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A hundred days better Kishida than a 10 years of disappointments on Abe.

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