Emperor's enthronement ceremonies previously sparked religious controversy


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In order to maintain the separation of religion and state, the imperial household normally covers costs of Shinto rites with the royal family's private expenses. Shinto is Japan's indigenous religion in which the emperor is venerated as a descendant of the sun goddess.

And the Royal family subsists on an annual stipend from the government treasury so how are these ceremonies going to be considered to be privately funded by the Royal family?

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Emperor Akihito is considered the 125th emperor in the world's oldest hereditary monarchy, believed to stretch back more than 2,600 years, including legendary figures whose existence is disputed.

including legendary figures whose existence is disputed- Like the Sun Goddess? I wouldn't say that's disputed. I'd say we pretty much know that she never existed. It always boggles my mind that the emperor is descended from a sun GODDESS, but women from the imperial family cannot ascend to the throne.

Even the first emperor Jinmu's existence is dubious. He is supposed to be related to the sun goddess Amaterasu from her grandson Ninigi as Ninigi is his great grandfather.

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I’m just worried about how to know what year it is in japan and how much it will cost to change all the dates on my stationary.

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 I wouldn't say that's disputed. I'd say we pretty much know that she never existed

It’s as good a claim as any other about a god/gods/goddess/goddesses.

I quite like the idea of a goddess rather than a god.

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This is the 21st century. This is now a modern era we are going into.

The ceremony is to be enjoyed, not a stage for protest.

Political views are to be left at the door. This ceremony is for our country to enjoy.

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Does anyone really believe that Abe and his Nippon Kaigi mates will take any notice of the constitution when it comes to these ceremonies? They ignore what they don't like and carry on regardless.

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