Emperor's Olympic opening declaration mirrors divided public


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According to another government source, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kazuhiro Sugita, one of Suga's closest aides, had pushed for the opening declaration to include "iwai" but was rebuffed by the emperor's handlers at the agency.

To give the outward appearance of a festive mood, the English version retained "celebrating" in line with a template prescribed in the Olympic Charter.

Hideya Kawanishi, an associate professor at the Nagoya University Graduate School of Humanities who is an expert on the imperial family, said the opening declaration was carefully worded to reflect the emperor's constitutional role.

Since we switched to Heisei (and now Reiwa), has the Imperial Family been getting closer in-line with the public's concerns, while the rift between the public and the political "cast" is just getting wider. Whether one likes the Imperial family or not, one can only agree that they show a "moral compass" which the politicians in this country have completely lost.

I believe that a lot of Japanese perfectly understood the subtle nuances in the Emperor's speech, unfortunately these nuances will be lost to the international crowd.

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He should have used 弔う. Or at least 我慢する。

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For anybody with eve a little grasp on the situation it is obvious these are not times for celebrating, much less to hold an international event in a city under a State of Emergency. The role of the imperial family makes it impossible to just go against the government on this, but at least some hint of consideration can be shown.

A shame that the English translation choose to contradict completely this very intentional choice of words.

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I believe that a lot of Japanese perfectly understood the subtle nuances in the Emperor's speech, unfortunately these nuances will be lost to the international crowd.

Yep. Several people I spoke to yesterday asked if I had seen it (I hadn’t) and all of them talked about “celebrate” being left out specifically. I am yet to see any international news or hear from any friends abroad about it.

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But Yasuhiro Sakaue, a professor at Hitotsubashi University who has written extensively on the intersection of sports and politics, warned that if the games cause a spike in COVID-19 cases it could damage the integrity of the imperial family.

I disagree with this. It would have been better if the emperor stayed away, I agree, but only because it’s clear that the event is a farce and the public are not taken into account for any of the decisions made whatsoever. However, the public know what is going on, and the imperial family’s integrity will remain intact. IOC, JOC, LDP… that’s a different story.

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I bet that all the countries that lost holding the Olympics to Tokyo are now really glad that they lost.

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Did anyone else notice that PM Suga was asleep when the Emperor started his speech? Had to be nudged by a handler to standup.

Did anyone else notice that there is zero international news about this, yet Japanese twitter has 100s of 1000s of tweets?

Did anyone else notice the survey on Yahoo that says that 80% of Japanese found the opening ceremony the best ever? And that very few international news agencies have published any pieces.

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Things seem to have moved over the last 2 hours.


20% give 10 out of 10, 17.6% give 0 out of 10 and over 50% give different levels of "suckey"...

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If you want to see a pro at work, search for the video of the emperor greetings Bach.

Watch how the Emperor dissed Bach in a public but oh so subtle way.

The Emperor faces Bach gives barely a head nod then literally turns away before Bach bows Bach.

Watching Bach bow to the already turned Emperor that is clearly ignoring him is priceless.

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If you want to see a pro at work, search for the video of the emperor greetings Bach.

But even more real pro would have been to not even let come nearer or receive such a nothing.

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There’s always a choice. He could have given the patronage to someone else some weeks ago, camouflaged as a big celebration or thank you to someone famous etc. Or he good even have given only a very short greeting message to be read only by someone else of the palace or Imperial family and have himself excused absent for any unnamed reasons or of summer heat, small cold, stomach upset from too much seafood the day before or anything like that , so it doesn’t worry the public much but shows his opinions or feelings without explicitly saying it loudly and everyone immediately realizes the real situation.

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he said what he was told to say. After all, he has absolutely no authority and is subject to the government.

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No, he has a lot of authority, but he chose not to use it.

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Yes you are correct, the needle has moved significantly. I suspect (pure speculation) that Yahoo pre-loaded the survey with positive results to get the thing started. Otherwise it makes no sense on why the needle would move so far in 24 hours.

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