Gov't decision to scrap advisory coronavirus panel draws flak


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Government: "Let's get rid of the experts and their advice since we don't like those experts and their advice."

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For the government and for the public its quite regrettable that the advisory panel was dissolved, specially this way; but for the health care professionals that were systematically ignored after it became clear that the health of the people was not the priority, this are welcome news.

They give advice, it gets ignored, but still they appear as if they were directing how the country deals with the pandemic, what is the point of that? People in health care are used to not being popular, but at least that is because they recommend difficult but necessary things to do, not because they appear to be doing nothing.

The problem is that this situation became quite obvious lately, the government is going to have a lot of trouble convincing new public health specialists to join the "new entity" now that they know they are going to be completely ignored to favor economic priorities. I can only fear the quality of the "experts" that they are going to include in it.

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The LDP is from the artical above totally clueless and "uncomfortable" with experts giving advice, disband the group replace it with a stacked new entity that will tow the LDPs line of bizarre logic. Personally not thinking the regiem has my family's best interests at heart.

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Alarming lack of leadership

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lame duck party

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So, basically ~ The Japanese Government and that includes Koike, wants us all to wear blinders? Like a race horse to work? Cannot see anything? North Korea is looking like a great relocation destination recently.

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What 'economy' will there be when everyone is sick and close to death? Perhaps funeral parlous will be all we will have in that goal of 'economy' This isn't just here, its most of the world governments who are putting $$$ first and foremost. For the sake of strict global lockdown in the first 2-3 months, we now suffer for the next 1, 2 or more years.

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Tom - Alarming lack of leadership

Not really! They do have leadership, but anyone who disagrees with them is ousted. This panel is no different. They wanted shutdowns and to empty the trains, but the gov wanted to keep Nippon Kaigi afloat. As a result, they are to be removed and replaced with a different bunch of yes-


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The situation and problem here for their action appears to be not in having yes men but to prevent dissension because of "opinions" of so called experts who themselves are not certain and who do not have public policy depth to be "suggesting" directly to the public what is correct and not correct or right and wrong ideas to have and policies to be implemented. Their scope is their expertise to give facts, analysis and advice to those that have a bigger and larger responsibility and perspective in government, and not on what the public needs or should do based upon only one aspect of what the entire society and country needs and must address without the knowledge and wisdom of the entire picture. When they over step their bounds by dictating public policies by their opinions and not for which they were assigned, those that hired would have the right to remove them. They were organized to give needed advice which was limited to their expertise with their responsibility to and for those who requested such information and not to dictate public policies through their opinions.

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I don't know what the problem is, the panel was selected by the government and from the onset did nothing but echo the government narrative. They never pressed for increased testing

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