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Hopes grow Kishida may pave way for talks with N Korea

By Tomoyuki Tachikawa

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Quick! Look at that squirrel over there!

Anything to distract from the actual issues. And when even a modicum of progress is made, which I doubt would happen to begin with, the wingers here would scuttle it immediately.

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China has nuclear weapons. North Korea doesn't need them.

China already proven they will rescue and fight for North Korea. It already happened.

We can't have a conversation with a Nuclear Armed North Korea who threated Japan with Nuclear destruction.

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N Korea just launched a hypersonic missile against us and we want to pave a way for talks??

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Unless you get abductees returned alive, you have nothing to do with North Korea which simply thinks Japan as it's ATM. Do something over little North Korea inside Japan first.

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Talking to north Korea is like talking to a spoiled 5yo child who thinks he's bigger than he is. Pointless.

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It isn't enough to have talks, one needs talks that have a chance to be productive. Will talking with the dictatorship of North Korea have a real chance of moving the needle?

Here's a thought: what is the use of the continued economic blockade of North Korea? Other than causing suffering among the people, that is. A blockade that slows down the distribution of NK's missiles and nuclear weapons to other rogue regimes makes sense, but why punish the people?

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Least we forget who we are deaing with . . .

In her report to the Human Rights Council at its forty-sixth session, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights laid out the ongoing analysis of OHCHR that the Government was engaged in a systematic and widespread attack against people considered to be a threat to the country’s political system and leadership. Such individuals included people who practise religion, introduce influences considered to be subversive, such as foreign films or music, or leave the country. In furtherance of that policy, it appeared that members of the population were systematically imprisoned without due process for exercising basic human rights. In the report, she noted that, while in detention, escapees were intentionally subjected to physical and mental suffering, amounting to torture, as part of the policy to deter and punish those deemed to pose a political threat.


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea continued to reject cooperation sought pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 25/25, including with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

And, specifically, for The Right Honourable Fumio Kishida:

While humanitarian assistance remains critical, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, consistent with its obligations in respect of the right to development, has obligations to address the underlying vulnerabilities and causes of situations in which people’s human rights are denied.

Situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, 28 July 2021. 17 page PDF, A/76/242.

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Papers Tigers diplomancy

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What he ^^^^ said.

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